The holidays are here and in order to enjoy it even more with your family, it is always a good idea that snakes are not present in your backyard.

You don’t want these vicious creatures to be attacking your loved ones or any of your guests and ruin your day.

Don’t worry because you will find out how to avoid snakes in your backyard, especially now that the holiday season is just around the corner.
Here are five easy steps on how you could say get rid of snakes in your area before it is too late that they harm someone in your family.

1. Research About Snakes In Your Town:

Snakes are rare in the city area, so if you know that you live in a rural place or countryside, make sure you are aware of their presence.

Eastern Brown snake dubbo

Watch Out For Brown Snakes.

Snakes always have the reputation of being dangerous and just pure evil.

But the truth is, not all snakes are actually harmful.

They tend to crawl away as soon as they see someone comes near them.

However, if you find out a brown snake is in your area, you have got to know what exactly what would fend them off. Be precise on the type of snakes that could be living in your area, as that would help you determine the exact ways to keep them away from your backyard.

2. Declutter Your Backyard:


Don’t let you yard become cluttered.

A cluttered yard makes it easy for snakes to live in it because they love it when it is warm and dark.

Those things make your yard their easy target for residence, as they won’t have a hard time hiding there.

That being said, make every effort to keep your yard clean. Remove all leaves, wood chips and other things that you think might be their hiding place.

Vermin also like cluttered spaces and where there are rats, there are snakes…

3. Say No To Tall Plants:

If you want snakes to not have room to grow in your backyard, you must remove all plants that grow tall as much as possible.

Otherwise, it is just an invitation for snakes to live in your yard with plants like that.

Make sure that your grass is cut or mowed as often as you can because it would prevent them from crawling on it and hanging out.

Snakes also love thick plants.

If you have those, at least make an effort to keep them thin if you don’t want to remove them completely.

4. Keep Your Backyard Dry:


Snakes don’t mind a swim when it gets hot.

Some snakes love water.

There is a huge chance that they will hang out in your garden or backyard if they sensed any presence of water in there.

They have the tendency to swim in it, so make sure that your place is free from water.

Basically, any container with stagnant water is also an invitation for snakes to be your backyard guests and possible residents.

The drier your backyard is, the more chances that you won’t see any snakes in there.

5. Snake Repellants

There is all sort of snake repellants out there.

There are even solar powered ones!

To be honest we’re not too sure how well they work but at the end of the day, every bit helps.

At the end of the day, most of us in Dubbo know how to handle snakes.

Hopefully, these tips help you have run ins with them less, though.