The Best Termite Treatments to Kill Termites

Termites are tiny insects that can cause widespread devastation to your home. Sensitive to sunlight, a termite colony can thrive for years without detection as they burrow through your inner walls. Feeding on untreated wood, they turn your walls hallow and destroy your property’s value. If you suspect an infestation, don’t reach for the fly spray. Learn how to treat termites from trusted professionals at Dentec PEST Management. Located in Dubbo, our family business has over 20 years’ experience in successful termite control utilising multiple types of treatments.

What is the Best Way to Kill Termites?

The best way to kill termites requires understanding how they function. Termites build colonies in moist soil and create paths to the food source – your home. Accessing your home through cracks in the foundation and exposed untreated wood, they feed by burrowing behind walls, between insulation, under floor coverings and other hard-to-reach areas.

There are two main types of termite treatments: barriers and baits. Barrier methods treat termites by physically blocking them from accessing your home while baits use poison which is subsequently shared with the colony eventually killing it off. The best way to kill termites infesting your property will depend on the construction of your home, its location, and personal preferences.

How to Kill Termites

Barriers can be physical or liquid. Physical barriers are placed at common entry points. Adding barrier protection during your home’s construction fortifies it against the destructive pests and is a valuable feature for future potential buyers. We offer a pre-construction treatment where we install a metal slab between your house’s foundation and the ground soil preventing termites from burrowing inside. We seal the slab to ensure there are no gaps because termites are resourceful and if there is a way in, they will find its location.

Alternatively, chemical subfloors are an efficient way to kill termites. Compatible structures can have this treatment applied anytime and will benefit from its protection for ten years. This chemical treatment makes the soil toxic to termites. Developed specifically for termite control, termiticides have been rigorously tested to ensure your family and pets’ safety. Repellent liquid barriers deter termites and are ideal for preventing an infestation. Nonrepellent types of liquid barriers, however, are lethal to termites. They kill the ground colony while preventing termites already in your home from returning to the ground for water.

Baits are traps of poisoned food sources installed in and around your home. Foraging termites take the food back to the colonies. We use the industry-leading Exterra for our baiting systems. Baits are preferable for homes that sit on concrete slabs where chemical subflooring cannot be as effective. The baits intercept a colony before they reach your house and kill the ones that are already inside.

How to treat termites depends on how your home is constructed, environmental hazards, and whether you are preventing or combating an infestation. Dentec Pest Management has the equipment, specialised chemicals, and licenced technicians to apply liquid treatments to your home and surrounding property safely and efficiently. We’ll answer all your questions and beat any competing pest control quote.