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Nobody likes adding a new task to an already busy schedule.

Especially when it has to do with termites and a termite inspection.

The common reasoning may sound a lot like this.: “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “ I’ll do it when work starts to slow down a bit”, “We have company coming to stay with us next month, I’ll look into it when they leave”!

Well, that procrastination may feel good at the moment, but here are some sound reasons to buck up and get it done right now.

Springtime in Australia brings many great things.

The trees are flourishing and flowering, the flowers are blooming, the animals are bringing their new babies into the world to show them the ropes.

Well, other animals are also flourishing during springtime too. Mainly termites. They are happily swarming around trying to find their next glorious home meal.

Reason # 1 – Termites LOVE Dubbo Homes

Most people know someone who’s home has been taken over by termites.


Keep an eye out for swarmers in springtime.


Termites love Dubbo homes because they love the trees surrounding the homes and also the trees the home are made of.

This really should not be a surprise anymore.

These critters live on every continent except Antarctica, you could try keeping your thermostat down to -57 C at all times, but that seems like it could cause more problems than it’s worth…

Do you know why termites don’t like Antarctica? It’s too cold!

Termites thrive in heat. It is a vital element for them. They can survive in colder climates but their rate of work slows down. When they find places where it is hot all year around they are more likely to work faster and longer. Another thing to remember is that they love radiata pine so keep that in mind if that’s what your home is made of.

Reason # 2 – Extreme Damage Can Happen In A Few Short Months

If your excuse is that you have company coming next month and you want to wait until they leave before you get an inspection done then you are in for a surprise! With the right conditions, severe structural damage can occur in just a few months.


Termites can cause damage REAL quick…


An entire home can be destroyed in just a year or two.

So what are these conditions?

Well living in Australia is number one because of its termite perfect environmental conditions.

See, termites have very specific environmental needs, they thrive in hot and humid places.

Moisture content is key to these home invaders. Termites need humidity to avoid drying out and dying. That’s not to say they can’t destroy a dry home in a dry environment. It will just take them a lot more time to do so.

It turns out their production and speed increases in humid, moist conditions.

They will work harder and faster and eat more of your home!

So it’s especially important if you live in a termite area to take care of any leaks or pooling water in or around your home.

It’s especially important to have an inspection done after large amounts of rainfall.

Reason # 3 – One In Three Homes Are Affected

This has been said before but it’s just the truth.


Keep an eye out for mud tubes after rain under your home.


That’s why it can stay short and sweet!

Go out front, look at your house and then look at the neighbor’s houses to your left and right. At one stage or another one of the houses will already have, or soon will experience a termite infestation.

After taking this into account you may want to get a termite inspection.

It’s a few hours of your time that can potentially save that house you call home from turning into a pile of rubble.

If there are no termites found then good, keep it that way.

Those same inspectors will actually teach you how to prevent it from even happening in the first place.

Imagine never worrying about termites ever again.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful!