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In Dubbo spiders are a common pest problem and they’re not just a summer time thing.

When the weather gets colder they’ll want to move out of your garden to somewhere warmer…

And it’s highly likely all those Redbacks who spent the warmer months hanging around building webs on your garden furniture will be wanting to get into your nice cosy house.

Obviously, you know that spiders do not climb through your plumbing or pop up out of plug holes.

That’s just an urban myth!

The only reason spiders hang out in your bathroom is because like all creatures they need to drink water now and then.

They actually have far easier ways to get into your house that you’ve probably never even thought about…

Here are the 3 ways spiders get into your home:

#1. Doors and windows (obviously…)


Remove any spiders you see hanging around your screen doors.


It may sound silly but the easiest way to keep out pests is to keep your doors and windows closed.

In the winter this is especially important as chilly pests are absolutely desperate to get somewhere warmer.

Everyone likes to get some air into their house if they’ve had the heating on and it’s got a bit stuffy.

But you need to remember that screen doors and mesh window coverings are not just for summer, pests are just as likely to get inside in the winter too.  

And don’t forget to ensure your cat or dog flaps are secure and have no gaps or spaces for other animals to get through.

#2. Cracks and gaps


Even the most modern home will have some little spaces somewhere that are just big enough for a spider to get through.

Make sure that all pipes that lead into your house have proper insulating material around them and there are no gaps.

Check your roof covering to make sure there are no cracks that any creepy crawlies could get through and make sure all doors and windows fit snug in their frames.

The key areas to check for spider gaps are external doors. Make sure there are no draughty gaps between the bottom of the door and the floor. If there is consider installing a door seal or a brush to stop spiders crawling in.

And don’t forget to check your garage door too, if your garage leads into your house that’s another place spiders can creep through…

#3. On you and your family



Watch out for surprises in imported produce!

The most common way spiders get into your home is by you carrying them in yourself.

You could bring them in on your clothing or shoes after a countryside walk, in your groceries (we’ve all heard those horror stories about people buying bananas filled with tarantulas!) or even in your firewood when you bring it in from the garden.

Obviously, we’re not saying you should worry about spiders every single time you enter your home…

But you should be more careful during winter.

If you bring a spider in during winter, that spider is much less likely to leave once it gets warm and comfy.

And come spring you could end up with a few webs and some baby spiders crawling around your house.

In winter time it’s important that you check for spiders in those rarely used and quiet places in your home to make sure there aren’t any spiders making themselves comfy.

Check drawers, cupboards and rarely used rooms or items of furniture to make sure spiders have not got in. You can also check out our winter pest control advice too!


Good pest control just means being aware of the area around you.

In Dubbo we are always going to have a lot of spiders but there is no reason why you or your family should be afraid or at risk.

As long as you are sensible and don’t invite spiders into your home, they should not be a problem for you.

What are your best spiders tips? Let us know in the comments below…