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Does your home need pest control help?

If it does you need to make sure you are choosing the right type of pest control.

Making pest control mistakes can be expensive and damaging to your home…

Here are 5 common pest control mistakes to avoid:


#1. Dangerous D.I.Y


pest control mistake

Fire is never a good idea for pest control

It’s easy to deal with a counter top ant invasion or the odd mouse in the pantry yourself. But big pest control problems need pest control professionals.

Most D.I.Y pest control methods are ineffective and possibly dangerous.

D.I.Y termite treatments are often really dangerous. Removing termite infested wood from your home will weaken the structure and burning a termite nest is more likely to damage your property than get rid of your termite problem…

Trying to deal with snakes and spiders is also risky. Australia has some of the most venomous spiders and dangerous snakes on the planet. It is never worth putting yourself in a hazardous situation when there are pest control professionals who can help you.

Just be sensible and work within your capabilities…

#2. Spraying on sight


One of the most common pest control mistakes is to believe that supermarket brought bug sprays will cure all of your pest control problems.

There are two big problems with D.I.Y pest control sprays:

  • They only work on certain pests. Tougher pests like cockroaches may crawl away from a spray completely unharmed. Obviously the chemicals in sprays available to the public are nowhere near as effective as the ones professional pest control teams would use.

  • Spraying the pests you see does not eradicate the problem. Most pest problems are lurking out of sight. Killing one pest will not kill the whole infestation. Imagine a pest infestation is like an iceberg… What you see is only the tip of what”s actually there…

And it is also worth mentioning that at home spray kits may affect the effectiveness of future professional pest control sprays

#3. Putting off pest control


pest control mistakes

Set an annual date for pest control inspections

We are all guilty of ‘not getting round to’ certain household tasks or chores…

We understand that you might not want to clean the garage or hang pictures of your mother in law…

But never get behind on pest control.

The easiest way to save money on pest control is to make sure your home is always protected. Don’t forget to schedule yearly pest control inspections and keep up to date with treatments.

Prevention is a much more effective method than curing or eradicating an infestation.

#4. Not doing your research


Many potential home buyers do not do enough research into the properties they are buying. If you are looking at a home make sure it has had a pest control inspection and that any pest control problems have been clearly noted.

It is also worth speaking to locals in the area and asking about pest control problems…

Usually pest control problems are not restricted to just one property. Speak to your neighbours and the people around you. If you are already a home owner keep up with local pest control news and make sure your home is correctly protected.

The only way to be prepared for a pest control problem is to be aware of what’s around you.

#5. Avoiding professional help


Avoiding professional pest control help can cost you thousands of dollars.

pest control mistakes

Termite damage can cost thousands of dollars if not treated correctly

Pest control damages are the most common and expensive home-owner nightmare in Australia. Most home insurances companies will not cover termite damage so it is important you prevent it from happening.

Pest control is a necessary cost to protect your home and in the grand scheme of things pest control is not very expensive at all.

Modern pest control methods are now extremely cost effective and flexible to your needs and are always much cheaper than fixing pest damage!

Your home should be your pride and joy. Make sure you look after it properly and don’t be afraid to call in the professionals when you need help!

Common pest control mistakes can cost you a lot of money and cause a lot of damage to your home.

Overall the best pest control advice we can give is to avoid doing anything that you feel may be unsafe or ineffective.

Being smart about pest control is the best way to keep safe.

Do you have any pest control questions or tips for us? Leave them in the comments below…