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We’ve had some pretty bad weather in Dubbo recently.

And whilst we are lucky enough to have not been on the receiving end of any freak storms or blizzards that doesn’t mean that our homes are not at risk…

Believe it or not floods, fires and thunderbolts are not the biggest threat to Australian homes.

Statistics show that the biggest problem for Australian home-owners are pests like termites, spiders and rodents.

In particular termites affect 2 in 3 Australian homes and with the average termite infestation costing around $7000 to repair it’s easy to see why it’s important to make sure your home is protected.

winter pest control

It’s a myth that spiders disappear in winter. There’s always spiders somewhere in Australia!

Now it’s winter time and the weather is getting colder you really need to make sure that your home is pest free and secure.

As the temperature drops all those chilly pests need to find somewhere nice and warm to snuggle up until summer…

And you don’t want your home being turned into a winter getaway for cockroaches and redbacks

To avoid winter pest problems in Dubbo we recommend that you take our professional advice to keep your home pest free.

Here’s the best winter pest control advice for Dubbo


  • Don’t forget about pest control

Although this is the time of year that we all get a bit lazy it’s important to remember pest control.

Make sure your home is up to date with all of the necessary pest control treatments and that you are still regularly checking for signs of pest infestations around your home.

  • Keep your garden tidy

    winter pest control

    Dead wood is a magnet for pests so remove it from your garden a.s.a.p.

Nobody wants to be outside when it’s cold but set aside some time every week to make sure your garden is not attracting pests.

Keep an eye out for the key signs of a pest infestation in your garden and be aware of any seasonal changes that happen during the colder spells.

If storms cause trees or branches to fall around your garden make sure they are cleaned up.

Dead wood attracts termites and bugs into your garden and your home.

  • Spring clean early

Rather than waiting till it warms up, give your house a good clean out now.

Pests love to live in cluttered messy homes so take away the temptation for them to nest by getting rid of any unnecessary junk.

It’s important to keep places that lead in from the outside into your home nice and tidy so any pests that do wander in don’t get too comfy.

Try to keep porches, entrance ways and garages clean and clear of anything that could attract creepy crawlies in from the outside.

If you’re worried about termites make sure you get rid of any extra cardboard boxes. Termites love chewing on cardboard almost as much as they love chewing on your wooden doors and flooring.

  • Keep using rooms and spaces

    winter pest control

    Cockroaches often hide in unused drawers.

During the summer months our homes are lot busier as we are more active and more likely to have guests to stay.

It’s important to check rooms or spaces you rarely use during winter to make sure no pests are making nests in the quieter part of your home.

Once a week make a point of going into guest bedrooms and opening the cupboards or drawers to make sure there is nothing hiding inside.

Obviously pest control is something that you need to be on top of no matter what the season.

The easiest way to protect your home and save money is to always be vigilant and alert.

Keep up to date with local pest control news (you can keep up with our weekly articles here) and don’t forget to tell your friends and family about any pest problems you may be having.

By keeping everyone in the loop you can be sure that the people you care about are safe and protected.

Let us know your winter pest control tips in the comments below…