Think of your last nightmare experience with bugs. Maybe it was a barbecue, where you could feel mosquitos on your arms, legs, and neck as you soak in the sun? What about the time before that? You might have been at the beach and had to throw out lunch because you turned away for two minutes and a swarm of flies made themselves right at home all over your sandwiches. Before that, maybe it was having to replace your porch after termites made a meal of it. What do all these have in common?

If you remember sweating and melting in the heat, you’d be right! Much like birds and cold-blooded animals, almost all pests prefer warm weather, so much so that they migrate massive distances or simply go into hibernation during the winter. In other words, even if your home is infested with bugs, during the colder months, you won’t know; you won’t see them out and about. That makes our job much harder, which is why we recommend that people carry out pest control when the problem is at its peak during warm weather.

Springtime Woes

Of course, we’re Aussies, so saying “warm weather” doesn’t exactly narrow it down a lot for most of us. Your best time for pest control may vary depending on your particular pest, but generally, spring will be a better time to exterminate than summer. This is mostly because spring is when many bugs breed or migrate back into the area, and the ecosystem is lively after a long winter snooze. Many flowering plants offer plenty of food and resources to bees, ants, flies, and other insects, and the relative safety of the inside of your home looks plenty inviting to them too.

Let’s take spiders, for instance. While some species are active the whole year, most of them hibernate; they wake up around the same time their food does! Once bugs like bees and flies start breeding and pollinating, you’ll notice many more spiders building their webs around your yard and inside your home. As those prey bugs are drawn towards your home for all the food and safety they can find, the spiders are there to greet them. For a lot of other countries, spiders are their own kind of natural pest control, but we all know how bad they can get here.

Sometimes, Summer is Better

However, if your problem is cockroaches or mosquitoes, you’re better off waiting until the summer. Cockroaches’ breeding times mean that they’re much more common during the peak of summer. While we do recommend that folks call us before an infestation gets out of hand, it’s much easier to judge just how bad your cockroach problem is once the warmest months come around.

Similarly, mosquitoes become even worse during the summer. You didn’t need us to tell you that; you still remember that awful itching all over. Aside from being incredibly annoying, mosquitoes are dangerously effective at spreading serious illnesses like malaria. Mosquito larvae grow up in warm, stagnant water, which is a haven for dangerous bacteria.

If you’re not sure when to best tackle your pest problem, just give us a call and we'll help you with your pest control in Dubbo!