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In Australia we have 2,400 types of spider.

Some of them are scary, some of them are deadly and some of them are surprisingly awesome.

The latest spider to be discovered in Australia is certainly not scary or deadly and we are lucky enough to call him a local.

In case you haven’t already heard a new type of orange Peacock spider has been found in Orange, New South Wales and we think it’s really awesome.

Here’s what ABC News had to report about this exciting discovery:

“In grassland beside the road in the Orange district of central west New South Wales an eye-catching, bright species of peacock spider has been found.

While only three millimetres in size, the incy-wincy discovery has surprised and delighted locals and scientists who are now sharing it with the world.

And coincidentally, its colour matches the name of the regional city located just down the road…

Entomologist, Michael Duncan, has spent his career studying creepy crawlies. He and some keen citizen scientists and photographers, who met online due to their shared interest in peacock spiders, formed Project Maratus, named after the spider genus.

Their latest discovery was made late last year just near the toilets at the Borenore Caves reserve, near Orange.

Using ‘sweep nets’, similar to butterfly nets, they located a dull-coloured but interesting looking female arachnid and started looking for a male to confirm they had come across a new species.

Soon one of the group struck gold, finding a brightly coloured male and exclaiming, “I got it here, it’s orange!”

On that day they went on to discover more than two dozen specimens of the new species.

While the group has discovered new species of peacock spiders before, this is the first members have found in the NSW central west.

“It’s massively exciting; it’s exciting to share it with the community and the world,” Mr Duncan said.

“The broader reaction has been fantastic, even people from all over the world are interested.”

Reference: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-04-06/orange-gold-for-citizen-science-peacock-spider-buffs/7304180

This is obviously great for Project Maratus’ reseach and it’s always exciting to discover something new nearby!

Check out this video of dancing peacock spiders below:

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