Australia is notorious for its wide variety of dangerous wildlife.

The outback has all sorts of things that can seriously ruin your day if you don’t know the lay of the land.

One major point in dangerous wildlife is Australia’s venomous spiders.

While most of the dangerous spiders of Australia tend to form their habitats in more rural areas, there are still quite a few spiders that live in the cities that pack

Funnel web

Funnel web spiders are deadly

a nasty bite!

There is the redback spider, the funnel web spider, the recluse spider and more, but which species are actually the most threatening?

The Sydney funnel web spider is widely known to be the most dangerous spider in Australia and perhaps even the world.

They have large, strong fangs that are capable of piercing through clothes and even solid surfaces like fingernails.

Aside from their fangs being big and strong, their venom is highly toxic and can be delivered in larger quantities from a single bite than that of the bite of a brown snake.

Fatalities caused by funnel spiders in modern times are rare due to the advent of appropriate antivenom, but a bite left untreated is could quite possibly be fatal.

Another factor which makes these spiders particularly more dangerous than other native species is that they are more common to populated areas, which puts them in contact with people more often than something like a reclusive spider.

The funnel web spider is also known to be quite aggressive when it feels threatened, so in a fight or flight situation, it’s more likely to fight than to flee.

funnel web nest

Funnel Web Spider Nest

The funnel web spider can be identified by its blackish colored upper body, brown colored lower section and what would seem to be disproportionately large fangs.

While it may seem from that description to be a scary tale of doom and gloom, the truth is that most cases of arachnophobia are a bit unfounded.

Even the most dangerous spiders of Australia have been the cause of very few deaths since the invention of various antivenoms in the eighties.

Most Australians will probably tell you that bees are actually responsible for more problems than spiders, and bee related casualties are still not all that common of an occurrence either.

Spiders are inherently scary creatures – even when they are not of a species that is particularly venomous or dangerous.

This probably has to do with a lot of myths and wise tales about spiders, which paint them as a present and terrible threat.

If you look at the statistics, the odds that a spider bite will be your undoing are pretty slim to none.

It’s still good to know which creepy crawlers to watch out for because it could be an extremely unpleasant experience to catch a pair of fangs full of venom from a redback or funnel spider, but it’s also not something to be too overly afraid of.

In the off chance event that you do get bitten by a funnel spider or any of the other dangerous spiders of the region, do your best to stay calm, seek medical attention as quickly as possible and you should come out of it all right.

funnel web spider location

Funnel Web Spider Hot Spots

But to answer the age old question which is most dangerous?

The answer at the end of the day unfortunately is all of them.