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If you are a homeowner in Dubbo then you know that Termites are a part of life here. If you haven’t had them yourself then you most likely know someone who has. If you are still not sure about how pervasive these critters are then here’s a quick tip for you to help you figure it out.

Just look at the house on your right and then look at the house on your left. Then take a nice deep breath at look at your own home. The scary truth is, one of the homes you just looked at has a high chance

Termite bait

You may have seen these around the place?

termites are eating it away from the inside out. Yes, that is how pervasive termites are here.

Once termites have invaded your home the damage that can be caused can be horrific. What many homeowners do not realize is that there are methods that you can use to prevent them from even getting into your home. You don’t have to wait until your home is half eaten away to start fighting the battle against termite invasion, though.

Instead of treating your home after the fact, you prevent them from even getting into your home by setting up termite baits around it. One of the best preventative measures is to use the Exterra termite baiting system.

When you start really thinking about how likely your home is to be attacked by a termite colony, then it may be an obvious choice to set up countermeasures by setting up small termite baiting stations ( not in,) but around the perimeter of your home.


How Does Termite Baiting Work?


Termite bait full of termites

A bait trap doing it’s job…

In order to understand how termite baiting works, one needs to understand how termite colonies work. Similar to ants, there are various types of termites within a colony, each of which has their own role in the colony respectively. The worker termite has one simple job; to feed about a million family members each day. Therefore, they spend most of their efforts searching for food.

Contrary to popular belief, termites do not eat only wood. Many species of termites are omnivores, while all are scavengers. When there are that many mouths to feed, one simply cannot be too picky, and one will likely take the easiest options available.

To a termite, your home is like the ultimate meal ticket, but there will still be appetizers on their path to your home and they simply cannot afford to leave any resources untapped. This means that they will be consuming whatever they can before they reach your home and this provides us with an opportunity to preemptively strike while the battlefield is abroad.

The challenge in this approach is then to position your baiting stations in such a manner that they will be noticed by the termites and irresistible. Selecting a bait that seems more appealing to them then your floorboards is likely the most pivotal point in the operation.

Fine points


Dentec pest management termite control

Termite baiting eliminates the whole colony.

While presenting termites with an alternative meal to your home that they will find appealing, this should not be taken to mean that we are in the business of attracting termites. We simply want to set decoys should they wander too close for comfort, but not something so delicious that they’re tipped off to your location.

Finally, if all is done correctly, they will take the bait and bring it back to their millions of hungry brothers and sisters for a feast. Only once they have all consumed the bait will the real termite fix occur, as termites regenerate at a very rapid rate and poisoning anything less than the entirety of the colony will only hinder their activity but not stop it.

Termite baiting could be seen as a highly specialized skill in that the finer points of defending against them, such as where to place the bait, what bait to use, and generally knowing the tendencies and behaviours of termites in relation to the environment in which you are operating in is something that could only benefit from the expertise of an experienced professional.

Given how devastating a termite infestation could be to your pocket book unless you are a termite expert yourself, it is certainly a wise investment to hire the best of the best in termite eradication.