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No one likes the idea of their homes being taken over by bugs or creepy crawlies.

With lots of different pests out there that can invade your personal space in a big way, just about anyone would agree that the least favorable of these infestations would be from termites.

Termites are a problem that everyone fears having to one day deal with because a termite problem can mean extreme damage with huge costs to the one place that everyone wishes to protect their homes.

Termites are related to cockroaches, and therefore share a lot of the same “hard to kill” qualities that roaches are known for, only roaches won’t eat away the very structure of your home!

Termite bait

You may have seen these termite baits around the place?

Termites are considered the most successful species of bug on earth, as they are the only known species to have a presence on every continent, on all hemispheres and in every country.

In Australia, termites are very common. Australians deal with termites more than most places in the world, as the disturbing statistics show that 85% of homes in Australia are located within a 25- meter proximity to active termite colonies, and one out of every three homes will acquire a major termite problem on average.

That means that if you live in Austrailia, statistically speaking one of your neighbors on either side of your home WILL have termites at some point!

So how can we deal with this real and ever present problem?

What can be done about a species of creatures that are as relentless and hard to kill as the termite?

Luckily, there are professionals out there who have designed lines of products and techniques that can help stop termites where they stand, keeping them out of your home and keeping your roof built securely over your head.

Baiting termites have proven to be one of the most effective ways of dealing with a termite problem.

Of the various forms of termite baiting that are available today, many of the leading experts in the field swear by the external system.

The word, “exterra,” literally means “That which destroys termites from within the earth.”

If it sounds bad ass that’s because it IS bad ass.

The exterra system works by placing bait stations on the ground in areas around the structure of your home which have been determined to be strategic points.

Termite bait full of termites

A bait trap doing it’s job…

A “strategic point” in my context refers to areas which fit several criteria.

The first criteria are that the point should be a place where experts determine to be a likely feeding area for termites.

The second deals with the relative distance between bait stations, in that they are placed in intervals so as to be evenly distributed around the perimeter so as to lure as many termites as possible from the broadest range possible.

Other criteria include the makeup of the land, the types of plant life and foliage that lives in the area, moisture levels etc.

Finally, it has been proven conclusively over time that the bait which is used in the external system not only attracts termites to its bait stations but is also nontoxic to humans and common household pets.

In conclusion, termites are a concern, but they do not have to be a problem.

As an Australian home owner, investing in proper termite countermeasures is perhaps one of the most important things you can do.

While doing anything right can cost a bit of money, it’s a no-brainer that it’s worth it in this instance, as the likelihood of encountering termites is high, and the cost of the damage that they can do is far greater than the cost of investing in preventative measures.

Be smart and take care of the termite problem before the termite problem takes care of your houses support structure!