Safeguarding Your Home: Why the Cost of Termite Protection Systems for Your House is Worthwhile

In the medical world, there’s a saying that doctors often use with their patients to demonstrate a point: prevention is almost always easier and less stressful than treatment. In other words, when you take steps now to protect yourself against a problem that may occur in the future, you can save yourself from many hassles and headaches. In some ways, the same thing is true when the conversation turns to your home. How could that be true? What’s the relationship between a medical axiom and your responsibilities as a homeowner? It all comes down to one word: termites.

Termite protection systems can help to protect your home from becoming a haven for infestations of white ants that want to spend all day munching on your wooden structures. By targeting and killing the termites before they can establish themselves fully, your home remains safe — and you spare yourself from the future cost of a mitigation procedure such as tenting. If you want to equip your home with termite protection, Dentec Pest Management is here to help with the knowledge, experience, and systems you’ll need for full-scale protection. Our preferred methodology involves the Exterra system; should you opt for this service, what can you expect? Let’s break down what it does to make it more transparent why this system is the better choice than the future cost of other fixes.

How does termite protection work?

Determining the exact location of a colony is very difficult, making it hard to target directly. That, combined with the fact that termites are often on the move, means there’s no instant solution. Instead, the Exterra system uses a series of baited traps to begin poisoning the entire termite colony. By burying or installing the bait containers around your property, your house gains a termite protection barrier that works both now and into the future (with regular inspections).

The Exterra bait, which is not harmful to either humans or our pets, is potent enough to kill termites quickly while continuing to attract more members of the colony. The result is that termites reach the bait stations before they enter your home. When used as a preventative measure, this type of termite protection is very cost efficient. However, do note that for some homes, such as those with sub-floors, a different type of chemical treatment may be better.

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Which termite protection option is right for your house? We can help make that determination. Dentec Pest Management’s team is continually working to maintain and improve our abilities, keeping us on the cutting edge of the latest pest control innovations. With a wide range of services and a competitive cost guarantee, we’re confident our team can help where and when you need it most. Start a discussion today to learn more about how to stop termites today before they become a problem tomorrow.