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This homemade device will free your home from mosquitoes fast.

Mosquitoes are a pest that have annoyed and even endangered mankind since the beginning of recorded time and perhaps even before.

When looking at statistics showing animal-related human casualties, it becomes apparent that mosquitoes are the world’s most dangerous animal, they carry diseases that have levelled entire civilisations in the past.

Needless to say, something must be done to keep these critters at bay, the DIY approach is the preferred way to go for most of us in Dubbo…


The mosquito trap is simple to make but very effective.

That said, here is one MacGyver style device that can help keep mosquitoes away from you, stopping those nasty bites.

You will need:

1) One two-liter soda bottle
2) One gram of yeast
3) ¼ cup brown sugar
4) One cup regular water

The creation of this mosquito trap is simple.

Start by cutting along the top of the two-liter bottle, starting at the point where the bottle begins to narrow to the mouth.

Cut around the bottle so that the opening of the bottle down to the wide point are two separate pieces.

Flip the top part of the bottle upside down and place it inside the opening of the bottom half of the bottle creating a funnel which points towards the bottom of the inside of the bottle.


The trap is also extremely effective against wasps. Just place it near a wasp nest.

You may place some tape or glue at the point where the two halves meet to hold it in place.

The structure of the trap is ready.

Now, simply pour the ingredients of the mosquito baiting solution into the funnel.

There is no need to mix the solution thoroughly as combining the ingredients is enough to activate the release of carbon monoxide, which attracts mosquitoes.

The Idea of how this trap works is self-explanatory; the mosquitoes are lured in through a narrow opening and once in, they are unable to find their way out.

They are then effectively trapped there for the duration of their lives.

The trap is cheap and easy enough to make as many as needed, and the inner solution only needs to be replaced once every 14 days or so to remain effective.

There are also mosquito repellant plants that can help keep them at bay.

Have you tried this trap before?

Let us know in the comments.