You don’t need us to tell you that redback spiders are a common problem….

Redback spiders like to live in warm urban areas so nearly every Australian home has had an infestation at some point…

There are probably some redbacks lurking in your garden as you read this…

To avoid getting a bite you need to know where they hide…

But where do redback spiders hide?


Here are the top ten redback spider hiding places:



#1. Letter Boxes


Check your letter box for spiders in the post


It’s warm, dry and the right size to build a web in.

Avoid a spider bite by checking inside your mailbox before you put your hand inside.


#2. Kids Toys


Kids toys are full of small covered spaces for spiders to hide in. Because kids toys are often left outside, untouched for a few days they’re also a nice quiet place to build a web.

Always check toys for webs or signs of spiders if they have been left in a shed or in the garden. Make sure you tell you kids to be careful too.

Redback bites can be dangerous for little ones…


#3. Garden Sheds


Redback spiders like to be out of the way. Your warm, dark shed is a great hiding place.

To avoid getting spiders in your shed try to keep it as clean and tidy as possible. If you spot Redback spiders in your shed, clean away the webs with a broom or stick whilst wearing gloves.


#4. Under Furniture


garden furiture

Patio furniture is a common spot for redback webs

Always check under outdoor furniture before you sit in it or move it. Redbacks often build webs under rarely used patio furniture or barbecues.

Make garden furniture unattractive to spiders by moving it regularly or stacking it up to store it.

You should also be careful inside if you have chairs or tables you have not used in a while…

Redbacks like to hide in quiet undisturbed places…


#5. Shoes


You might think spiders in shoes are a cliché but you should always shake shoes that have been outdoors or not been worn for a while.

Old shoes are a great place for redbacks to hide especially if they have been hidden at the back of a deep, dark wardrobe…


#6. Potted Plants


Succulents and cactuses can attract spiders


When a spider is inside they will look for an environment that is close to their natural habitat. Potted plants are a spider magnet.

Be careful when moving or watering potted plants especially if they have been brought in from outside…


#7. Inside Drawers or Cupboards


When opening drawers or rarely used cupboards always check inside before you put your hand in.

Redback spiders often build nests in quiet corners of wardrobes or pantries.

If you have a spare room always check for redbacks before guests come to stay. A redback bite is not a nice welcoming gift…


 #8. Garages



Redback spiders love living in messy garages

Cool, dark garages are a great place for redback spiders to nest and build webs. Avoid going into your garage without a light on or a torch. Walking into redback webs is an easy way to get a bite.

If you use your garage to store a rarely used vehicle make sure you check for redbacks. Remember they like to hide in door handles…


#9. Porches


Outdoor porches, pagodas, deckings or gazebos provide lots of space for redbacks to build webs.

Make sure you clean any outdoor buildings regularly to discourage spiders from settling.

If you see a lot of messy, sticky webs outside your home be cautious. This could mean you have an infestation of redback spiders. To eradicate the infestation you will need to get a professional spray before the spiders move inside your home.

Removing the webs alone will not kill the spiders…



Imagine how many spiders could be hiding in here…

#10. Your Toilet


In the old days redbacks loved hanging out in outhouses…

Just because your bathroom has moved inside doesn’t mean it’s safe from spiders. Spiders get thirsty and they often head to your bathroom or toilet for a drink.

Check around the back of your toilet or under your sink for webs. Especially when the weather gets colder and spiders start to make their way into your home…

There is no way of avoiding redback spiders in Australia but you can makes sure your home and family are safe.

Try to prevent infestations by keeping up to date with pest control treatments and always be wary of webs.

Make sure you know how to recognise and treat spider bites…

And don’t worry, redbacks spiders are venomous but they’re not deadly…


Where’s the weirdest place you’ve found a redback spider hiding? Let us know your stories in the comments below…