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This winter pest control in Dubbo is important…

Our hot summer saw a rise in pest populations. Which means there will be more pests trying to get into homes when winter begins…

To protect your home and family from pests this winter; keep up to date with professional advice (check out our Dubbo pest control blog here) and on top of pest control prevention methods….


Here are 3 professional Winter pest control tips:


#1. Spring clean in Winter…


An easy way to stop pests coming into your home is to keep it clean!

dubbo pest control

Rats, cockroaches and spiders make their homes in messy garages

Before the weather cools take the time to really deep clean your property.

Pests are attracted to dirty and untidy places.

Get rid of clutter and rubbish in areas that lead from the outside into your home. Garages, utility rooms, porches and out buildings are favourite hiding places for pests. Don’t make them more desirable by filling them with junk they can nest in!

Remember to clean out rooms and places you rarely use. Snakes and spiders love to snuggle up in old wardrobes or under rarely used beds…

If you have kids, make sure you bring in outdoor toys and store them properly….

We have had a lot of call-outs around Dubbo for redback spider infestations in playhouses and kids toys this year…


#2. Look out for termites…


Termites are the number one pest problem in Dubbo.

You may have been distracted from pest control issues while you were enjoying the summer. But now is the time to get your head down and check your property for signs of termite damage.

Termites cause over a billion dollars worth of damage in Australia annually. By checking your home for signs of termite infestations regularly you could avoid having to pay thousands of dollars yourself.

Make sure you check the wood in your home for signs of termite damage and check around the foundations and lower brickwork of your property for signs of termite infestations.


#3. Keep up to date with inspections…


Regular pest inspections are the easiest way to keep on top of Winter pest control problems. You don’t always need to pay big prices for a fancy professional service. Just keep an eye out around your own home for signs of pest infestations.


Know the signs of infestations and keep a close eye on vulnerable parts of your home.

  • Termites:

Look for damaged or soft wood. Tap on wood to check the strength…

If you hear a hollow sound you could have a termite problem.

  • Spiders:

The most common spider in Dubbo is the redback spider.

Look out for sticky, messy webs in garages and parts of your home you rarely use.

dubbo pest control

Watch out for rats around your rubbish

  • Rodents:

In winter rodents like to get inside out of the cold.

If you see rodent droppings of signs of gnawing and chewing you may have a rodent infestation.

  • Snakes:

Avoid letting your grass grow too long or letting your garden get out of control this winter. This attracts snakes to your property.

If you find shed snake skins inside your home, always call a pest controller. If snakes get into your home it can be hard to get them out!

  • Cockroaches:

There is no such thing as a single cockroach. If you see one cockroach we can guarantee there will be more hiding somewhere in your home.


If you see any signs of an infestation contact a local pest control team to manage and eradicate the problem.


Prevention methods are always cheaper that eradicating a problem. If your home is at risk from a pest infestation make sure you protect it!

Protecting your home from pests saves a lot of time and money….

The best professional pest control advice we can give is to stay alert. In Dubbo and the surrounding areas pests are always going to be a problem….

However if you keep on the ball and know the risks your home should be safe.


Do you have any Winter pest control tips? Let us know your ideas in the comments below…