Termites seem to really love Australian homes for some reason.

Of the 3000 species of termites, over 350 of them call Australia home.

While that is a large number, not all of these species are the type that will actually damage your home.

In fact, there are only about 16 species currently known in Australia that cause economic impact and damage sound timber.

The rest are busy helping the environment by recycling organic material, aerating the soil and being an important part of the diets of other animals.

The big problem for Australian home owners though is that these 16 species definitely have the destruction of homes down to a science. It’s like they know the old saying, “There are only 2 types of homes in Australia, those that have termites, and those that will get termites”!

The prevalence of termites in Australia; as well as many other common problems associated with building homes primarily out of organic materials such as wood, has caused some new home builders to reconsider the way they construct their homes.

Builders as of recent, have started constructing homes with different types of materials that are thought to be more weather and damage resistant.


Home constructed with a steel frame.

Steel framed homes have become one of these options. Steel is very strong, fire resistant, weather resistant, and also damage resistant.

But are steel framed homes really the way to go?

How resistant are they to problems like termites?

Will they actually keep termites away?

The answer is complex. Steel framed homes can definitely withstand severe weather better than your average wood or brick built home by a long shot.

A steel framed house will most certainly be the last house standing after harsh weather like a hurricane or tornado to be sure.

However, that doesn’t mean steal alone can stop all of mother nature.

That is until maybe a home is made out of 100% steel, but we all know they aren’t.

I have yet to go to a home that has all steel kitchen cabinets, window sills, furniture, walls etc… If there are homes like this, I can only imagine they probably aren’t very inviting or comfortable living spaces.

Having the superstructure of your home built from materials that termites don’t attack is definitely a plus.

The less they can destroy the better.

Termites definitely have not adapted to eating steel yet.


Termites can still get into window sills, skirting boards and any other piece of wood like joists in your home.

The problem with building a steel frame home is that it’s going to be just that, a steel frame and not much more.

The rest of the home will still be fair game to termites and other common problems.

The biggest problem with termites is that they aren’t very picky eaters.

They will happily go around the steel frames of a home and consume the rest of it.

Things like your kitchen cabinets, walls and furniture are all food to them. So as long as your home has any parts of it made with organic materials termites are going to continue to be a real problem for homeowners.

The bottom line is that no matter what type of home you have, whether it’s steel framed or wood builders and home buyers alike will need to still be vigilant against termite infestations. Inspections and preventative measures will still be the key to avoiding costly damage to your home.