Effective Termite Control Chemicals for Home Treatment Methods

Termite infestations cost homeowners in repairs and depreciate their property’s value. An undetected colony of these tiny but powerful insects can turn a well-built structure into a hollow shell. These light-sensitive creatures nest in the soil and are rarely seen. They make mud-like channels to traverse between the ground (their water source) and their food source (your home). Dentec Pest Management is a locally-owned family business serving the Orana region. With specialised equipment, we can reach areas where they thrive and implement strategic systems that clear up the current infestation while preventing future problems.

Termite treatment chemicals are specifically designed to work against termites. Fly sprays and anti-pest chemicals not labelled explicitly for termite treatment won’t work and can inhibit professional efforts. While lethal to termites, control chemicals have been tested to ensure safety to humans and animals. When applied effectively, they can eradicate and deter current and future colonies. The two methods for chemical-based termite control are baiting and liquid soil treatments.

Termite Control Chemicals for Liquid Treatments

Liquid treatments involve the use of termiticides in your yard and around your foundation. Some liquid termite chemicals merely repel termites, while others are lethal. Lethal termite chemicals kill termites in the ground while preventing termites in your home from accessing groundwater. They are considered a fast solution to termite control. We offer a pre-construction liquid soil treatment to homeowners looking to protect their property investment as well as a chemical subflooring treatment that can be applied at any time and protects for ten years. Which termite chemicals we use in either treatment method will depend on whether you’re preventing or attacking an infestation and your preference between repellent and nonrepellent (lethal) outcomes. Talk with our staff about which options best suit your home’s location, construction, and termite control objectives.

Cutting-Edge Baiting with Exterra

Termite treatment through baiting works as a poison trap. Toxic chemicals are used to lure termites to a poisoned food source. They partake in the food and share it with the colony sealing their fate. Get the best termite bait protection through Exterra. Their enclosed baiting traps can be placed in soil, concrete, or at suspected entry points around your home. Laced with patented Requiem, termites are attracted, intercepted, and exterminated.

The baiting method works well with structures built on concrete slabs. Because termite colonies develop below ground, any cracks in concrete foundation serve as access points to your home. Cracks in the foundation are challenging to access and seal off giving termites a pathway around perimeter liquid treatments. The list of buildings throughout Australia currently being protected by Exterra baits is extensive. Exterra baiting systems are no more harmful to humans, pets, and the environment than salt making it a practical option for schools, public places, and even wildlife conservation spaces.

When termites are suspected, there’s no time to waste. Colonies can thrive in your home for years unnoticed. For prompt, efficient, comprehensive information on termite treatment and prevention, look no further than Dentec Pest Management. We’ll help you prepare for inspection and will beat any reasonable competitor quote.