Termites in trees

Termite in Trees Dubbo

Most people believe that termites in a tree stump on their property is no big deal and not worth worrying about. While it is great that these little pests have not found a way to your property yet, the truth of the matter is that without professional inspections you just cannot be sure. Termites in trees mean that there is a colony present that is hard at work eating what it can until it is exhausted, at which point they will turn their attention to the next source of nourishment. This inevitably will mean your home, so it is important to take action immediately once you notice them. Read More
At Dentec Pest Management, we are the termite extermination specialist that countless homes and businesses in the Dubbo area call every week to sort out their termite problems. We are a local, family-owned and operated business with more than twenty years experience to our name. We are a customer-centric company, which means that we always put your needs and considerations first, and we base our decision on what will result in the best possible outcome for you. All of our technicians have been fully trained in the safe application of our safe treatments and are licenced by Safework NSW and the NSW EPA. We can assure you that we never use dodgy treatments and are the safe, reliable choice for those that want a thorough service that is both personable and professional. Read Less

Do Tree Termites Stay in One Location?

The importance of calling out professional pest technicians once you find termites in trees or anywhere in the home is imperative. The reality is that while they may be based in one location for the moment, there is no doubt that they will look elsewhere for food sources. So, termites do not stay in one location but there is more to think about in this regard. Here at Dentec Pest Management, we always stress to customers that contact us to do not touch termites or spray them at all once they are identified. The most you should do is put some masking tape over the affected area and leave the rest to us. Even if you have spotted termites in a tree on your property, any action that is not controlled professionally could cause them to spread. It is worth bearing in mind that the presence of termites on your property indicates that other pests will also be able to find their way there by exploiting the same weaknesses. If termites are your only problem, then nipping that one in the bud is essential so that termite prevention treatments can be put in place to prevent other pests from causing further headaches. Termites are known to wander up to eighty metres from their food source. So, unless you have a considerably large property that is set a long way from the tree that they are nesting in, you should take action immediately and call us to remedy the situation.

Found Termites in A Tree? Contact Us for Thorough, Safe Treatments

At Dentec Pest Management, we are committed to affording all of our customers thorough, safe treatments that will have no negative effect on them personally. All of the chemicals that we use are carefully selected and are registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. We use EXTERRA extensively since it has a proven track record and is backed by peer-reviewed scientific studies. If you have found termites in a tree at your Dubbo’s residence, or place of business, then call us as soon as possible, drop into our store or email us and benefit from a service that delivers outstanding results.