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Although properties tend to be attacked by the same types of pest, each infestation is different in some ways. Building types vary in size, layout and construction materials, pests gain access to different areas and the extent of the infestation is rarely the same.

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Our Pest Exterminator Identify the Problem and its Solution

Before any pest exterminator can do their job and eradicate the problem, the exact type of pest has to be identified. Although this may be simple in some cases, because the signs are all too apparent, clear indication is necessary so that the correct treatment can be used. Read More

Common pests and their treatments are:

  • Termites, that are reckoned to inhabit around a quarter of Australian homes at some time and can typically cause $7-8,000 worth of damage. We can use a variety of methods that include a liquid chemical barrier as a deterrent, baiting to kill them and monitoring of numbers.
  • Cockroaches like to live in warm places and tend to hide in wall cavities, coming out at night to feed and spreading diseases. Fumigation, heat treatment and baits are the most common methods to clear the problem.
  • Mice and rats also like warm places and are often found in wall cavities and lofts. They spread disease and their presence can be recognised by droppings, chewed food packaging and furniture, and gnawed cables that can cause a fire hazard. Treatment is normally by bait that kills the rodents humanely and is safe for people and pets.
  • Wasps often create nests in lofts and wall cavities; these can contain more than 25,000 of the insects. They can be a severe nuisance in the summer and the nests need to be removed by professionals wearing full protective gear since stings can be very painful and even fatal in extreme cases.
  • Spiders can be a threat, particularly since Australia has some of the world’s deadliest ones. Spider Nests can be removed from your property by a combination of dusting and insecticide.
  • Bed bugs feed on human blood and can spread quickly. Either heat treatment or chemicals are normally needed to get rid of them.
  • Ants normally nest in the yard but can come into a building looking for food. White Ant’s Nest normally eradicated with powerful insecticides.

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Effective Methods for a Pest Exterminator

At Dentec Pest Management, Our Pest Exterminators are familiar with the different types of pests and the varying methods needed to treat them successfully. That doesn’t just apply to the different species but to the variations in species that can apply across the country and even in different parts of the state. Certain methods that work well on one variety won’t be as effective on another one.

We‘re also conscious that the extermination method shouldn’t make matters worse. Consequently, we only use products and techniques that aren’t harmful to the environment and are safe for everyone in the property as well as any pets that are present. Using our professional pest exterminators, you can be confident you and your property are safeguarded and pest problems are eliminated.

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