Do you Have Questions About Residential Termite Control? Learn about the Cost of Keeping Your Home Pest Free and More

It’s finally come down to this: you have reason to believe that termites are living in your home. Obviously, you want these disgusting and inconvenient pests removed as soon as possible—before they have a chance to compromise your quality of life any further, or even reduce the value of your home to the point where you’ll have trouble maintaining it as an investment. However, there are probably some things you want to know about termite control before you start calling in professionals for help. For instance, how much does termite control cost?

Residential termite control prices can vary according to the size of the space and the severity of the infestation. However, you can reduce the likelihood of being hit with a hefty bill by choosing a company that works efficiently, so that they will end up billing you for fewer hours. Doing so can also ensure that your termite problem is dealt with quickly and more thoroughly than it would be if you pursued other options.

Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Termite Control

Below are some of the most common questions we receive at Dentec Pest Management. We have done our best to answer them so that you can make an informed decision for yourself the next time you need home termite control in Dubbo or any of the nearby areas.

  1. What are the risks of having termites? Termites might seem like an annoyance at first, and a lot of people think they’re just plain disgusting. However, the consequences of a termite infestation can be much worse. They can cause severe damage to your property, which can put an end to dreams of having your home increase in value or function as a strong real estate investment. The cost of having termites removed are always going to be less than the cost of letting them remain in your home unchecked.
  2. Should I spray termites when I see them? Absolutely not. It’s understandable that you might want to kill the termites with bug spray on sight so that they won’t have a chance to wreak further havoc in your home, but many common bug sprays will make other, more effective methods of termite removal impossible. Instead of trying to solve the problem yourself, it is almost always a better idea to contact professionals and have them provide you with a complete and total solution.
  3. What areas do you serve at Dentec Pest Management? We provide termite and pest control throughout the Orana Region. Areas we serve include Dubbo, Nevertire, Narromine, Nyngan, Warren, Quambone, Cobar, Gilgandra, Coonamble, Curban, Baradine, Gulargambone, Coonabarabran, Binnaway, Mendooran, Neilrex, Dunedoo, Merrygoen, Coolah, Mudgee, Ulan, Hemidale, Tooraweenah, Forbes, Parks, Tomingly, Peakhill, Wellington, Mudgee, Orange, Molong, Bathurst, Trundle, Cowra, Albert, Tullamore, Gilgandra, and Merriwa.

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