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Spider Nest Removal Dubbo

Dubbo is a fantastic place to see the extraordinary fauna of Australia. Unfortunately, they don’t always respect our boundaries. They like our warm, dry homes, our safe, dark sheds, and our damp, secure bathrooms, and if we don’t notice them, they sometimes like to raise little families of their own! Luckily we’re experienced at getting rid of spider nests in Dubbo and we’d like to help you out whatever stage your infestation is at.

Your First Point of Contact if You Have a Spider Nest in Dubbo

We’ve been at it a while, with over twenty years’ experience in pest control services in Dubbo. Our founder Nathan Dennis had been working since school in the pest management industry before he founded Dentec Pest Management with his wife Jaslyn in 2002. Our client base has grown and grown since then, and we’ve become the first point of contact for many who have had to deal with our eight-legged friends! for an inspection, especially if the house has been empty for a while. Read More

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Why It’s a Good Idea to Call Pest Control Specialists

When you’ve seen a spider nest in your property, even if you’ve managed to eject it, there is difficulty in shaking the feeling that there may be more.  In fact, especially if there are female spiders, there is seldom just one.

Getting rid of them can be a tricky business. Finding the right chemicals, locating the nest and checking every corner for any remaining pests can be time-consuming and costly, and certainly not to be taken lightly with some of the more dangerous species.

Some of these species that are known to be in the area can be very aggressive and territorial. If they’ve set up home in your garage, shed or bathroom you may have difficulty in shifting them without a struggle. These species include:

  • Huntsman
  • Redbacks
  • Whitetail
  • Black House Spider

Even if you’re not sure about what kind of spider you have, it is worth giving us a call and we’ll be able to identify it. If you’re new to the area and have only just moved in, it’s a good idea to make an appointment Read Less

What We Offer If You Have Spider Nest At Home

Our team knows that getting rid of the problem and packing up isn’t the end of the issue. You will have also lost a little confidence in the security of your property. Our spider nest treatments last for up to twelve months, and we’ll let you know when you are due for another visit from us. We also offer expert advice and recommendations to keep your property pest-free.

All our pest technicians or spider exterminators are licensed and TRITHOR accredited when it comes to installing pest control systems. We offer safe chemicals for different kinds of pests, each of which have their own safety data sheets, and each are registered with the APVMA.

Want to Get Rid of Spider Nest? Get In Touch With Dentec

Having worked in the area for a long time, we’ve seen and dealt with it all. Whether you are in a family home, business premises or are a property manager who needs a house cleared or inspected, we can help get rid of your spider nest problem.

Take a look through our website and you’ll see all kinds of preventative or combative advice on our blog, as well as ways to contact us through email, phone or direct message. You’ll also see a large range of testimonials so you can see what a great impression we’ve made on our clients.

Drop us a line or message today and we’ll tell you how we can make your home safe and secure from spiders!