How Much Does It Cost for Termite or White Ant Treatment?

‘What is your termite treatment cost?’

This question is one we hear quite frequently at Dentec Pest Management. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. White ant treatment cost can vary quite substantially on a case by case basis. How big is your house? How long has the termite infestation been going on? How far have the termites spread? What type of treatment is best for your property? The answers to any of these questions can influence how much you end up paying for termite treatment.

Get Answers to These Questions: Call Dentec Pest Management Today

The good news is that you don’t have to answer these questions yourself. If you call Dentec Pest Management, we will help you find the answers as quickly as we can. We might not be able to provide you with a price the first time you call and ask, ‘How much does it cost for termite treatment?’, but we will get into your house, perform a full inspection, and figure out the best next steps.

Even if you are pretty sure you have termites, a professional inspection is an essential step before you start talking about treatment options. You might have noticed several classic signs of a termite infestation (mud skirting your door frames, hollow sounding wood, etc.), but an inspector can still help you figure out how severe the infestation is. A full termite inspection involves checking crawl spaces, subfloors, window frames, decks, posts and even tree stumps or other features on or near your property. At Dentec Pest Management, we will carry out these steps for you.

The point of an inspection isn’t just to tell you whether you have termites, but also to determine the scope of the infestation. The last thing you want is to pay for termite treatments and repairs but miss part of the infestation. If termites aren’t eradicated entirely, the problem will only come back in the future. Dentec Pest Management will perform a comprehensive inspection to make sure we aren’t leaving any potential termite hiding places unchecked.

Our Termite Treatment Cost Commitment

Performing a full inspection of your home will also enable Dentec Pest Management to provide you with an accurate estimate of your white ant treatment cost. By getting a better sense of the infestation you are dealing with, we can figure out the best treatment method and estimate how much it is likely to cost.

Also, note that we have a termite treatment cost commitment at Dentec Pest Management. We guarantee to beat the cost of any other pest control company. If you can get a formal price quote from another business in the area, we will beat it. We pride ourselves on providing affordable termite inspection and removal services. We know how costly termite eradication and repairs can be, and we want to do our part to ease some of the financial blow.

So how much does it cost for termite treatment? Call Dentec Pest Management today to schedule your inspection and get your estimate.