Are You Concerned About White Ants on Your Property? Choose a Reliable Pest Control Provider for a Thorough Inspection and Treatment

The average homeowner must contend with a variety of maintenance issues over the course of a typical year. From events such as appliance breakdowns to a broken window, many things can happen that require your attention and care to ensure the home remains in good shape overall. Anticipating and responding to these problems is usually not too much of a challenge, and many issues are clear and easy to see. What about threats to the structure of your home that aren’t always as obvious, though? White ants, or termites, can be one of those dangers. With the ability to consume a large amount of wood in a single day, an infestation could cause substantial damage to structures in and around your home if left unchecked.

If you suspect you have white ants, a pest control provider that understands the unique challenges inherent in dealing with them should be your first call. At Dentec Pest Management, we have years of experience and a highly effective treatment that can make quick work of the colony. First, what are some of the things you should look for to know that you might need a professional white ant inspection to confirm a problem? Here are a few of the most reliable indicators that termites have made your house into their home.

Spotting the signs that you might need a white ant treatment

Try walking the perimeter of your home, paying close attention to the foundation and places where the ground meets your home. Look for small but visible “tunnels” made of mud. Termites create these passages to safeguard themselves against predators on their way to a meal. Sometimes, these tunnels can appear indoors as well, especially near corners. They may not always be visible, however, so a more thorough inspection by a pest control professional is often wise.

Windows and doors may become difficult to operate due to the presence of termite tunnels, another sign of an issue. The most obvious indicator of a problem is if you damage wood by accident. If it’s soft or far too easy to break, it means termites have eaten away at the wood inside. Call for a white ant treatment if you experience soft wood or portions of the home that sound strangely hollow when tapped.

Turn termites back with the help of Dentec Pest Management today

Sometimes these signs haven’t manifested yet; other times, a small colony may not create visible damage for some time. At Dentec Pest Manage, our thorough inspection procedures will highlight any potential colonies of white ants. We can then work together with you to suggest the best solution for solving the problem. Often, this is a baiting system installed around your home to poison the colony from within; other options may also be viable depending on your situation. We encourage you to get in touch today to begin addressing your concerns; contact us to set up a booking.