Termite Treatment for Wood Construction, Stump and Drywood Termite Infestation

Termites cause a lot of damage. Costs for repairing damage from termite activity can cost property owners thousands of dollars. Termite treatment is essential in getting rid of colonies, to prevent further infestation.

Termites swarm to areas of wood, whether in wood homes, stumps, or any area where there is dry wood. And yes, termites do eat wood and wood sources. Anything that contains cellulose is digestible to termites, including wallpaper, boxes, books, wood throughout your house and undoubtedly old rotting stumps.

Termites are excellent in at squeezing into small cracks in wood, and whole colonies will build under the ground surrounding the wood surface. Decks, porches, and wood piles are all easily accessed for hungry termites.

Garden mulch spread around a home’s perimeter or foundation can also be an invitation for termites to enter your home. Leaving old wood around and having unprotected wood piles are ideal places for termites to hide. Take care in keeping your property tidy and free from old wood.

What Kind of Termite Treatment Works Best if You Have Termites in Drywood or an old Tree Stump?

Dentec Pest Management offers solutions to help you either prevent or treat termite infestations around your home and property. For wood construction that has termites eating away timber sources, we can either apply a chemical sub-floor barrier to help eradicate termites in outside sources such as stumps and rotting wood piles, or we can implement our Exterra baiting system.

The chemical sub-floor barrier is a good option for new construction to help prevent termites coming into the home. This system is also excellent if you have infestations that need eliminating rapidly.

To get rid of whole termite colonies that are in wood sources around the property, we suggest the Exterra baiting system. We prefer this as the termites are drawn to the bait, bring it back to the colony, and then the entire colony is destroyed. This is a practical termite treatment solution for all termite infestations in dry wood or any stump. These chemicals are safe, efficient, and reliable and are not harmful to humans, pets, and wildlife.

Dentec Pest Management Excels in Customer Service

Since 2004, Dentec Pest Management has been helping property owners get rid of damaging termites. As a local family-owned business, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our licensed technicians are very experienced and will consult with you on your specific needs and property layout. After a thorough inspection, we will give you an honest assessment of your needs and get a strategy in place to rapidly get rid of the termites.

Our termite stump treatment for wood and dry wood termites are affordable. We understand that your home and property are a valuable investment and termite prevention and treatment are a cost-effective way to keep the value up.

Let us help you today with all your termite prevention and treatment solutions. Call us to book a consultation, get friendly advice and to start your home’s termite treatment today!