Termites are nasty little creatures that jeopardise your living situation. People think that they are only a problem when they are inside your house because they ruin your furniture and well, tear down your entire home if it’s made of wood.

But not everyone knows that termites residing in the garden are also dangerous because these creatures tend to tunnel…

Warning Signs Termites have invaded your garden

Look for warning signs termites are in your garden.

If you have anything made of wood in your garden and they find it, you can be assured that it will be gone in no time and could even make it their stepping stone to entering your home.

To avoid termites inside your house, you need to fend them off in your garden.

But how would you know if they are already starting to invade your outdoor area?

Here are three warning signs to look into before it is too late.

signs of Termites in gardens

You may find termites in the soil line or near tree roots.

1. Check The Soil Line: Termites are easily found just near the roots of any tree. Start digging in that area and you’ll know if they are present underneath the soil line.

It wouldn’t be hard for you to find them since they usually live in clusters.

2. Presence Of Termite Tubes: If you find some mud tubes on the bark of the tree, then you know that they are starting to make their residence in that area.

Termites use these tubes as a bridge to go from one nest to another, as they hunt for food.

They do this so the sun doesn’t hit them and it is also their way to conceal their presence.

Check crevices in trees because it’s an area where they are most likely to build these said mud tubes. They look like little tunnels that are brown in colour. You can’t miss these tubes because their structure and colour easily pop out from the tree bark.

Signs of termites in trees

The signs of termites found after cutting down tree.

3. Dying Trees: This is  a huge sign that termites are present in your garden.

As termites devour trees from the inside out they tend to show signs of distress.

Rotten branches falling off or a hollow sound when tapped are a good indicator.

Keep in mind that if termites have already invaded your garden, there is a huge possibility that they too have invaded the inside of your home.

When this happens, it is better to call professional pest control to work on it before termites completely destroy your home and your garden.