Chemical Subfloor Termite Barrier

If your house sits on piers or has a sub-floor, you have the option of protecting your home using a chemical sub-floor termite barrier.

A chemical sub-floor will last up to 10 years.

What Is A Chemical Subfloor Termite Barrier?

A liquid chemical is applied to the soil under and around the perimeter of your concrete floor and the foundations of your home or business.

chemical subfloor treatment

Why Use A Chemical Subfloor Termite Barrier?

The advantage of a chemical subfloor barrier is it can be applied at any time, unlike a physical barrier which has to be implemented prior to construction.

What Types Of Chemical Subfloor Barriers Are Available?

The type of chemical applied during treatment will depend on whether you are protecting your home or removing a termite infestation.

The difference in chemicals is in killing or deterring termites and also taking into account local environmental factors.

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