Professional Help for Bed Bugs in Your Home

Bed bugs are reddish-brown, oval and approximately the size of an apple seed, usually 5mmin size. They feed on blood for approximately three to ten minutes or until engorged. You will find them in the crevices in your bed, feeding at night usually on humans but may also feed on animals.


The Signs of Bed Bugs

Look for red, itchy bites on your skin either in a line or in a group. The effects of the bites can last up to 9 days, and can be found on exposed skin such as legs, arms and shoulders. Reddish-Brown flakes on your mattress can be another indicator that these pests are present. In rare cases Anaemia has been reported when people have lost too much blood from the bites. Diseases are not transmitted from bites and are usually treated with Hydrocortisone creams or allergy medication.


What Causes Bed Bugs?

Often times these bugs come into your home from staying in affected hotels, motels, or shared accommodation. They will travel on clothing or in luggage from travels. Make sure to avoid used mattresses, checking your mattress and furniture regularly, and maintaining a hygienic household.

Unfortunately these bugs are difficult to get rid of so professional help is usually needed to fully eradicate them from your home. To ensure you have expert help, enquire online or call us now.