While you may think that one rodent in your home is harmless, these animals breed quickly and soon create havoc inside your home. A female mouse can birth up to 15 litters in one year, therefore it doesn’t take long for an infestation to occur. Rats and mice damage your home, create food spoilage, contamination and can spread diseases to humans.

These animals are drawn to environments where food, water and shelter are in abundance. Rats will eat almost anything, therefore any unsecure food left in your home leaves you vulnerable to a rodent invasion.



The Dangers of Rodents in the Home

These animals are notorious for spreading disease. Rats and mice can transmit at least 35 diseases to humans, through droppings, urine, saliva, and bites. The most common of these, Salmonellosis, is spread when food is consumed by humans that has been contaminated the saliva or droppings of a rodent.

Rats and mice are known to create physical damage to your home by gnawing and nesting. In your home, they may build nests inside walls, roof voids, and under floors. Rats have extremely strong teeth, with some species even known to chew through wires, presenting the risk of a fire in your home.



The Most Common House-Dwelling Rodents in Australia



The Brown Rat

Generally brown in colour, the brown rat (also known as the Norway rat, sewer rat and wharf rat) these rats tend to inhabit areas close to humans. Nocturnal by nature, this species tends to burrow and create nests inside buildings. This species has a reputation for damaging property, and is even known to chew through wires.


The Black Rat

While commonly referred to as the black rat (also know as the roof rat and ship rat), this rodent can be any colour from black to white, but is generally a sleek steel-grey, with a tail much longer than its body. This species is nocturnal by nature, and is therefore more active at night. This rat earned its name as the ‘roof rat’ through its climbing abilities and its tendency to live in the roof of houses.


The House Mouse

Much smaller in size compared to rats, the house mouse is usually an olive-brown and carries a strong odour. This species tend to hunt your house at night in search of food, generally taking small amounts of food from multiple locations.

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