Termite Damage

Termite Damage Prevention Dubbo

There comes a time for many homeowners where the house that they live in is no longer big enough for their needs, or where they want to make a change to a new location. Selling your home can be stressful and there is no question that there are many different things to look after to finally receive a fair price.

Termite damage can scupper any chances of selling, or coming close to securing the kind of price that you want. It may not be evident to the naked eye, but rest assured that on close inspection a professional will identify any termite damage and advise their clients against making a bid.

The Truth about Termite Damage

At Dentec Pest Management, we want to help those that are planning on selling their home either soon or in the future, to protect it from incurring the kind of damage that termites can bring about. Our professional team of termite extermination are fully licenced and come with over twenty years of experience under their belts. We are a family-owned and run company, so we are committed to our customers first and foremost, and we treat each property with the respect and thoroughness it deserves.

Key Indicators That Termites Are in Your Home

If you are preparing to list your home for sale then it is worth looking out for some of the main indicators that will signal that there may be a termite colony on your property. Here at Dentec Pest Management, we have visited many properties that were primarily constructed using steel and metals, but also had some timber elements. As such, we know just how devastating the impact termites can have on such sturdy structures once they compromise even one part of them.

If you are looking for termite damage at your Dubbo residence then target the wooden surfaces first. If you find tiny holes in the surfaces, then this is a clear sign that there are pests already present. The danger is that they will move to other areas in the home, or already have, so it is essential to call out the professionals to exterminate them.

Have you noticed that those who suffer from allergies in the home have experienced heightened symptoms recently? Or has anyone in the home had a recurring illness that they just can’t seem to shift? Termites often nest in the air conditioning units, which means that debris and particles from their nest can pollute the air in the home.

If you have become aware of unusual sounds coming from the air ducts, or within the walls, or if you noticed a patch of heat on any wall where there is an absence of electric wiring, then these are all warning signs and may suggest the presence of a termite colony.

Stay Termite Damage Free with Our Reminder Service

At Dentec Pest Management, we want you to feel confident about the structural integrity of your home and not have to worry about spending more money on it to attract buyers. We believe in using the very best of termite prevention treatments, which are backed by peer-reviewed scientific studies, and only those chemicals that are registered by the APVMA.

Our helpful reminder service affords customers the luxury of knowing exactly when the time has come for a repeat termite inspection, which will ensure that your home remains pest-free.

So, to avoid termite damage or to address what you have already found in your home and ensure that when the time comes to sell up and move on you can get the best price possible, reach out to our helpful team and we will do our utmost to protect your property from pests.