What Do Termites Look Like?

Termites are often called ‘white ants’ because to the human eye they look exactly like they belong to the ant family and are of course, white!

Termites are sometimes also called wood ants.

There are over 350 types of termites in Australia but only 4 of these are a problem for home owners.
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Termites in Home

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Signs Of Termites.

Termites naturally prefer a dark, humid and protected environment. This makes them difficult to spot until they’ve caused damage – in other words, when it’s too late!

What you’re actually spotting is the damage they’ve caused – not the termites themselves.

Termites in your home are definitely something you don’t want to have to deal with – you can book a termite inspection with us and we’ll recommend the best termite solution to avoid the cost and misery of termites later down the line.

Signs Of Termites In Your Home.

Hollow Sounding Wood
When termites feast on your timber they eat from the middle out. They don’t eat paint, so you end up with a hollow sound when you tap the wood.

Termite Mud
Termites create mud tunnels for protection which allows them to travel in safety or protect their food sources. The mud is sometimes difficult to see as it will be behind your walls but you can sometimes find termite mud around your foundations or corners of your walls and ceilings.

Problems With Doors And Windows
Cracks appearing around your door and window frames might not be due to movement – it might be a loss of structural integrity because termites have eaten away at the wood. Other problems include tight fitting windows and doors which are caused by the termite mud occupying the space.

You ‘Go Through’ Wood
A common sign is you can press your finger through a piece of wood or your vacuum goes through the skirting board.