Termites in Home Dubbo

Living in a house that has termites is challenging. It is difficult to feel comfortable, there may be bad odours and you may have doubts and concerns about the integrity of your wooden structures. Termites in the home are a common problem in Australia.

Approximately a third of all homes have some termite presence, but while you may believe that your house is pest-free, the reality is that many homes have undetected nests. As such, to eradicate these troublesome critters from your property, it is important to secure professional technicians. Read More

We Can Eradicate the Termites in Your Home

At Dentec Pest Management, we have over two decades of consistently high service under our belts. We are a local, family-owned and run company that puts its customers first. We boast a team of highly experienced, licensed pest technicians that are happy to work around your schedule and deliver the kind of termite protection treatments that are certain to afford you peace of mind and restore the standard of comfort that you have missed since the termites were noticed.

Protecting the biggest asset that you own, that is, your home is a never-ending job. Termites can make this difficult since they are so small and often are difficult to detect. Whether you believe they are simply nesting in the old tree stump in your garden, or if you believe your DIY solution has dealt with them, trust us, regular professional termite inspections and treatments are essential to truly eradicate the problem.
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DIY Solutions Cost More in the Long Run

The team at Dentec Pest Management has met with thousands of homeowners over the years that believed they had solved their pest issues with over-the-counter solutions, only to learn later that the problem had simply moved elsewhere. DIY solutions rarely deliver the definitive blow to pests, since they are all based on the same formula.

If you have termites in your house then no matter what brand name you choose, the sad truth is that it just won’t work. What they do is give the illusion of being effective, while the reality is that they simply push back the problem or inspire the colony to look elsewhere for their food. Now, instead of knowing where your problem is, you face the possibility of having multiple locations in the home compromised.

Even if you are thorough in your efforts and after checking you are convinced that they were worthwhile and eliminated the problem, other colonies of termites may find the scent and invade your home soon thereafter. The big difference between professional treatments and DIY alternatives is that the former are undetectable by termites.

Our technicians use the EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System, which actively directs termites into the EXTERRA stations. This treatment is backed by peer-reviewed scientific studies, so you can trust that it is effective and a better investment than any readily available solution.

Contact Professional Licenced Technicians to Eliminate Termites in Your Home

At Dentec Pest Management, our professional technicians are licenced by the NSW EPA as well as Safework NSW. Past clients consider us their first choice when it comes to termite treatment and inspections since we are easy to book, accommodating, We do detailed inspections at affordable termite inspection cost and the results we deliver offer an incredible value for money proposition.

We also offer treatments for termite in trees. So, if you have termites in your home and want to eliminate them through the intervention of professionals, then reach out to our team and we will restore your property to its best in no time.