Termite Control & Protection

How can I control termites and protect my home or business?

Besides a physical barrier, all termite solutions involve the use of chemicals that either kill or deter termites.
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Termite Pest Control

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What are my termite control & protection options?

We recommend the use of the Exterra Baiting System wherever possible.
The chemical used is only lethal to termites and works by slowly killing the termites. This means it will wipe out the entire colony, not just the termites in your building.
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Your second option is to use a chemical subfloor. The main advantage is quick removal of termites in the case of infestation. The chemicals need to be replenished every couple of years and while your home or business is protected, it’s unlikely to wipe out a termite colony.

How much will termite control & protection cost?

Both solutions are similar in cost initially.

Thereafter the Exterra Baiting System needs to be monitored, so there is a small charge for the monitoring, which is for routine inspections of the traps every 2 months.

The chemical application lasts at least 10 years.  No monitoring takes place.

The baiting system works out to be a more cost effective solution in termite prevention over time – plus you have regular inspections and it will wipe out a colony.

The baiting system is higher in cost if termites are already present, however chemical subfloor treatments aren’t suitable for all property types.

Dentec Pest Management advise you on the best solution for your property.

We also guarantee to beat any other pest management company’s price for the same work – guaranteed!