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Sometimes the cure can be worse than the problem it’s intended to solve, getting rid of a particular issue but replacing it with something that’s no better. That can be the case with pest control if it’s not carried out properly. Simply spraying lots of strong poison may kill the pests that are causing the problem but may also have unintended victims and cause other harm.

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That’s not true of our pest control in Tomingley because we use a targeted approach that focuses only on the pests we are employed to eradicate. Because of that, we don’t kill or injure harmless creatures, don’t apply anything that’s harmful to humans and we don’t damage the environment. Read More

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Our aim is simply to provide pest control across Tomingley that’s reliable, effective and completely safe. We want to create residential and business premises that are free from pests and, as a result, are hygienic, safe and healthy places for people to live, work and enjoy themselves.

We do this by only using modern pesticides that are targeted at specific pests and are not harmful to other creatures. You and everyone else in your property, including your children and pets, will be perfectly safe whatever treatment we use. We only apply enough product to deal with a problem rather than using excessive amounts and every product is Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority registered and, where necessary, has HACCP food safety certification.

To ensure safe working practices, we undertake a full pest inspection before we start in order to assess the situation and determine the correct course of action. We’ll discuss proposed treatments with you and, if you have any concerns, can use alternative products that will have similar results. We can also provide material safety data sheets for every product and technique so you are fully informed of everything that is going on.

We fully record everything we do, including complete details of all products used, where and the amounts, and we’ll make necessary allowances for anyone in the property who has a health condition that may cause concern. We will not start anything until you’re completely happy about what we propose to do.

When Should I Get Termite Treatment in Tomingley?

If you spot termites on your property, it is important to act fast. But rather than fall into the trap of trying to deal with the situation yourself, which all too often only serves to waste time and potentially make matters worse, it is a good idea to get straight in touch with one of the experts in termite control in Tomingley such as Dentec Pest Management. We will be able to identify the species of termite, track down the nest, and provide an eradication solution that totally eliminated the nest and entire colony for good.

In terms of pest prevention, most of our general treatments last for around 12 months while some others require more regular follow ups. Our team can help you decide when and how often to get your property treated to ensure that you’re entirely protected against invasions from unwanted visitors.

Is Termite Control in Tomingley Safe?

All of the chemicals used during Dentec Pest Management’s termite treatment in Tomingley are registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), and our team are highly trained to ensure that they’re able to conduct all treatments without doing any damage to the environment. This provides our customers with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they can keep their properties safe from nasty insects and vermin without having to worry about any health consequences for them, their family or their pets.

Will All Insects Be Immediately Eradicated from My Home?

Immediately after a spray treatment, some customers may notice an increase in the number of insects and pests they see on their property. Rest assured that this is due to the fact that many insects are flushed out right away, leading to a temporary increase in their activity before the chemicals take care of them and then prevent any colonies from re-establishing themselves.

Fully Effective Products To Control Pest Across Tomingley

Although our treatments don’t harm the environment or anything or anyone for which they’re not intended, they’re completely effective against targeted pests, whether it’s Termites, white ants, Spider nests, or any other type of pest. As a long-time pest controller in Tomingley, Dentec always keeps fully up-to-date with the latest products and methods, ensuring they’re completely effective for their intended purpose.

We always invest heavily in our employees to make sure they’re fully trained and know every aspect of their job. As a result, we truly believe they’re the best in the business and can deal with any pest control problem. Everyone works as a coordinated team to provide a really first class service.

We adopt best practice in everything we do so we provide a safe and effective service that’s tailored exactly to your problem. Our Tomingley’s pest control solutions are guaranteed to work and our personal, friendly approach means we’ll get rid of the problem with none of the hassle and stress that infestation damage can bring. Read Less

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