Pest Inspections

What is a pest inspection/termite inspection?

A pest inspection is the same as a termite inspection – the licensed technician inspecting your home will look for evidence of live termites, their damage and the susceptibility of your home to termite attack. At the same time we will notice any other infestations from general pests and advise accordingly.
A termite inspection involves inspecting all accessible areas internally, externally, in roof voids and beneath subfloors. It will include all structures, garden borders, trees, stumps and fence lines. Once complete we will also provide you with a comprehensive 12-page report.

Do I need a Pest Inspection when purchasing a home?

We currently do a large number of pre-purchase pest inspections. Houses are one of the biggest assets people will own in their lifetime therefore it’s crucial that you do your homework before buying and know what you’re investing in. Termite damage can mean thousands of dollars in repairs by not only attacking house frames and structures but wall linings, cupboards, skirtings, windows and door frames, carpets, plastic coating on electrical wiring and even books and personal papers! Not to mention the loss of resale price. A home that has termites or even termite damage lowers it’s value leaving you stuck with expensive repairs or selling for less.

What’s the cost of a pest inspection?

A full pre-purchase pest inspection, including your comprehensive 12-page report, is just $330 inclusive of GST. We arrange our inspections each week by suburb so you don’t have to pay any travel costs. If you require a pest inspection outside of our travel area schedules, a small travel surcharge will be applied.

We are very prompt with pre-purchase pest inspections because we know they take priority. We can even organise a building inspection for you to be done at the same time for your convenience. Simply call us on (02) 6887 2825 to check our schedules and book your inspection – or contact us here.

Pest Inspection

What guarantee comes with a Dentec Pest Inspection?

Our comprehensive 12-page pest inspection report will fully detail the results of our inspection. We will also provide you with independent advice on how often you should have a termite inspection, as this varies by building construction and situation. Even if we give you the all clear, if there are areas of the property which are conducive to termite infestation, it could be a couple of days, months or years before they arrive. If you implement our termite protection recommendations, including Exterra baiting where recommended, then you will be extremely unlikely to suffer a termite infestation. The quicker you implement our recommendations the less chance there is of termite infestation.
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Pest Inspection Dubbo

Your home is almost certainly the most valuable asset you’ll ever own and the most expensive to maintain, especially if there are defects to correct. Similarly, as a business owner, your premises are vital to the smooth running of your company and need to be in as perfect a condition as possible.

If you are looking to buy a new property, acquiring one with serious failings can be an expensive mistake, causing years of unnecessary stress and cost. Consequently, before you commit to the property, you should arrange a building inspection to ensure the premises are sound and a pest inspection to determine there are no actual or potential pest infestations.

The Need for a Thorough Pest Inspection in Dubbo

All properties are at risk of pest infestations that at best can be a nuisance and at worst can cause serious structural damage. The most severe threat is from termite attack that can seriously affect the timber structure of a building and lead to a catastrophic loss of building integrity.

Termites are sometimes confused with ants since they can have a similar appearance to the untrained eye. The threat from termites is much greater, however, so it’s important not to confuse the two. Additionally, there are different species of termites and some are far more destructive than others. Nasutitermes Walkeri, for example, is commonly found in eastern New South Wales and generally feeds on decaying wood, so should cause little damage to a property that’s in good condition. Coptotermes Acinaciformis, on the other hand, which can be found anywhere on the Australian mainland, is one of the most destructive termites around and can cause a large amount of damage very quickly.

Identifying pests incorrectly will result in the wrong treatment and our pest exterminator are fully trained and experienced in recognising and treating individual threats. They also have the necessary equipment to carry out a thorough inspection that will identify all pests.

Processes and Outcomes of Our Pest Inspections

Our pest inspection involves a visual check of all accessible areas of the property, both internally and externally, as well as roof cavities and underfloor areas that can be accessed. The aim will be to look for evidence of termite and other pest activity, including any damage that has been caused.

Since termites and other pests are often hidden away within the walls and other concealed spaces, a visual inspection may not reveal their presence, especially if the infestation is at an early stage. Finding them would previously have necessitated the drilling or tapping of walls and even removal of sections to see what is behind them. However, modern equipment and techniques mean that it is rarely necessary since pests can be detected without damage to the building.

The cost of the inspection and the time it takes will depend on the size of the property and how accessible areas are; it may be necessary to move furniture and stored items in some cases. The outcome of an inspection is a report that sets out pest activity and threats, any damage that has occurred, recommended treatment and a programme for the prevention of future attacks. As a result, you’ll know the true state of the property and will be able to make an informed decision whether to buy it.

What’s the Best Way to Ward off Termites? Call Dentec Pest Management

It will always be cheaper to prevent an infestation than it will be to deal with an existing infestation. Termites eat slowly, but they are also difficult to detect until after an infestation has become very severe. As a result, the costs of termite inspections, termite treatments and termite damage repairs tend to be extremely high. In 2006, the Australian Institute of Architects estimates that the average termite treatment and repair cost was around $7,000 per affected homeowner. In some cases, the expense can be much steeper. Bottom line, investing in pest control in NSW can save you and your family a lot of money and a lot of grief in the future.

Choosing the Right Termite Treatment Method: Start with a Pest Control Inspection

There are a few different ways to ward off termites and keep them away from your home. Which method is best will depend on your home and your situation. There is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

If you need pest control in Dubbo NSW, you should start by getting in touch with Dentec Pest Management. We can help you choose the right termite prevention method for your home.

If you are building a new house and want to implement termite prevention safeguards early, Dentec has a few options on that front. Typically, we will install a physical termite barrier under the slab of your building and apply a chemical barrier around the home’s intended construction site. These methods together do a lot to deter termites from approaching your home and can even kill them before they get close.

Even for already-built homes, you should schedule a pest control inspection with Dentec Pest Management. First, our inspectors can find out if you have a termite problem already—peace of mind you will appreciate even if you don’t have reason to suspect an infestation.

Secondly, we can recommend the best strategy for pest control in your Dubbo home. There are two basic options available: a chemical subfloor treatment or a termite baiting system. Which option is best will depend on the style of your home, as well as your own personal preferences. We will provide recommendations based on your pest control inspection.

Protect Your House Now with Smart Pest Control in NSW

Termite infestations can be incredibly devastating and remarkably costly. By implementing pest control for your Dubbo NSW home, you will hopefully save yourself from the costs, the headache, the reconstruction work on your home and all the associated hassles.

Implementing pest control when you buy or build your home will even make it easier to sell later. Any signs of termite damage in a pre-sale inspection can derail a purchase agreement and leave you unable to sell your home. Being able to tell future buyers that you took measures to protect your home from termites and other pests will make the resale process much easier.

Are you interested in pest control in Dubbo? Contact Dentec Pest Management today to learn more.

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