Pest Inspections

What is a pest inspection/termite inspection?

A pest inspection is the same as a termite inspection – the licensed technician inspecting your home will look for evidence of live termites, their damage and the susceptibility of your home to termite attack. At the same time we will notice any other infestations from general pests and advise accordingly.
A termite inspection involves inspecting all accessible areas internally, externally, in roof voids and beneath subfloors. It will include all structures, garden borders, trees, stumps and fence lines. Once complete we will also provide you with a comprehensive 12-page report.

Do I need a Pest Inspection when purchasing a home?

We currently do a large number of pre-purchase pest inspections. Houses are one of the biggest assets people will own in their lifetime therefore it’s crucial that you do your homework before buying and know what you’re investing in. Termite damage can mean thousands of dollars in repairs by not only attacking house frames and structures but wall linings, cupboards, skirtings, windows and door frames, carpets, plastic coating on electrical wiring and even books and personal papers! Not to mention the loss of resale price. A home that has termites or even termite damage lowers it’s value leaving you stuck with expensive repairs or selling for less.

What’s the cost of a pest inspection?

A full pre-purchase pest inspection, including your comprehensive 12-page report, is just $330 inclusive of GST. We arrange our inspections each week by suburb so you don’t have to pay any travel costs. If you require a pest inspection outside of our travel area schedules, a small travel surcharge will be applied.

We are very prompt with pre-purchase pest inspections because we know they take priority. We can even organise a building inspection for you to be done at the same time for your convenience. Simply call us on (02) 6887 2825 to check our schedules and book your inspection – or contact us here.

What guarantee comes with a Dentec Pest Inspection?

Our comprehensive 12-page pest inspection report will fully detail the results of our inspection. We will also provide you with independent advice on how often you should have a termite inspection, as this varies by building construction and situation. Even if we give you the all clear, if there are areas of the property which are conducive to termite infestation, it could be a couple of days, months or years before they arrive. If you implement our termite protection recommendations, including Exterra baiting where recommended, then you will be extremely unlikely to suffer a termite infestation. The quicker you implement our recommendations the less chance there is of termite infestation.

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