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Pest Control Dubbo & The Central West

Dentec Pest Management provides a range of pest control services in Dubbo and the surrounding areas including termites, spiders, cockroaches, ants, rodents, and more. When you book a pest inspection in Dubbo through us a licensed technician will come to your home and look for evidence of termites or a general pests infestation. If your property has live pests our professional team will provide a course of action. We have reliable and effective treatment options including a general pest spray, bee/wasp treatment, and flea treatments just to name a few. Additionally, if you have a termite infestation we do subfloor chemical barrier treatments and Exterra termite baiting system installations. Read More

Pest Control Dubbo
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Are You Looking for Pest Control Services in Dubbo?

Whether the property you own is your home or for business, you need to keep it safe from threats that include pest infestations. These will at least be an annoyance but can also be a danger to your health and the cause of severe damage to the building.

Termites are often the biggest threat and are known to be present in around one quarter of Australian homes during their life. They eat away at the wood that is essential to the structural integrity of the building, requiring repairs running to thousands of dollars or, even worse, the total destruction of the property.

Professional Pest Control in Dubbo NSW

Termite attacks in particular can significantly reduce the value of your property and be very costly to put right. Since this is likely to be your most valuable asset, you can’t afford to take the risk and need to eradicate infestations early or, better still, prevent them before too much damage occurs. One of the actions you should definitely avoid is trying to solve the problem yourself since do-it-yourself methods simply don’t work. Instead, use a professional organisation such as Dentec Pest Management in NSW to remove and deter pests efficiently and effectively.

To save you time, money and unnecessary disruption, We offer pest control services in Dubbo:

  • undertake pest inspections of property you are considering buying to ensure it is free from pest infestations and damage
  • remove pest infestations from property
  • advise on and implement measures that will prevent future infestations.

We are a well-established, family-owned and run business so we really understand the value of a home and the stress that damage by pests can cause. Consequently, we’ll do everything we can to minimise or prevent that damage. And we can do a lot because we have years of experience in providing pest control services and know what methods are effective to counter the various species that can invade your property.

Pest Control that Gets Results

Effective pest and termite treatment means using the right employees, equipment, materials and techniques. That’s important to us in achieving our aims of keeping properties free of pests.

One of our most effective treatments is against possibly the greatest threat — house termites. Many baiting systems use small stations that are located around the perimeter of a property and contain a food source that attracts termites to the bait. However, the stations are generally too widely spaced and the food insufficiently attractive to lure all termites.

Our Exterra Termite Baiting and Monitoring System has larger stations that are baited with Focus Termite Attractant™. This works with soil micro-organisms to produce a gas that resembles that put out by timber when it starts to decay — the preferred food for termites. The gas radiates two to three metres through the soil and so forms an impenetrable barrier that effectively prevents termites from getting through to your property.

Our Pest Exterminator Identify the Problem and its Solution

Before any pest exterminator can do their job and eradicate the problem, the exact type of pest has to be identified. Although this may be simple in some cases, because the signs are all too apparent, clear indication is necessary so that the correct treatment can be used.

  • Termite inspection and the right termite control: termites, that are reckoned to inhabit around a quarter of Australian homes at some time and can typically cause $7-8,000 worth of damage. We can use a variety of methods that include a liquid chemical barrier as a deterrent, baiting to kill them and monitoring of numbers.
  • Cockroaches control: cockroaches like to live in warm places and tend to hide in wall cavities, coming out at night to feed and spreading diseases. Fumigation, heat treatment and baits are the most common methods to clear the problem.
  • Rodents control: rodents, like mice and rats, also like warm places and are often found in wall cavities and lofts. They spread disease and their presence can be recognised by droppings, chewed food packaging and furniture, and gnawed cables that can cause a fire hazard. Treatment is normally by bait that kills the rodents humanely and is safe for people and pets.
  • Wasps often create nests in lofts and wall cavities; these can contain more than 25,000 of the insects. They can be a severe nuisance in the summer and the nests need to be removed by professionals wearing full protective gear since stings can be very painful and even fatal in extreme cases.
  • Spider exterminator: a spider nest can be a threat, particularly since Australia has some of the world’s deadliest ones. Spider nests can be removed from your property by a combination of dusting and insecticide.
  • Bed bugs control: feed on human blood and can spread quickly. Either heat treatment or chemicals are normally needed to get rid of them.
  • Ants normally nest in the yard but can come into a building looking for food. White Ant’s Nest normally eradicated with powerful insecticides.

How Much Do Our Pest Control Services Cost?

The cost of our pest control services is dependent on several factors, including:

  • The extent and type of infestation
  • The size of your property, the method of construction and its layout
  • The type of treatment

The best way to find out how much our pest control services cost is to get in touch with us here at Dentec Pest Management and request a free quote. You can do this by either giving us a call on 6887 2825 or sending a message via our contact form. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your situation and offer suitable treatments to remedy the problem.

You can trust Dentec Pest Management to solve all your pest problems. As a local, family-owned company, we’ve been looking after the pest control in Dubbo and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. We not only have the experience and knowledge to tackle a wide range of infestations, but we have all the requisite licences and insurances to ensure we carry out the job in line with health and safety requirements. Get in touch now and request your free quote.

Pest Control across Dubbo is not Optional

All our other treatments are equally as effective as well as being safe to use, with no harm to people, pets or the environment. Our pest exterminators have a valid Pest Licence and operate in a friendly, reliable and professional manner, keeping you fully informed of progress.Our sole aim is to keep you and your property safe, using our pest control techniques that are really effective in removing pests and preventing further infestations in the future. Don’t put your property and your health at risk; contact us today for a no-obligation quotation. Read Less

Pest Control Dubbo and the Central West:

Our Service Area

Dentec Pest Management provides quality pest control to the Central West. While our office is based in Dubbo, we also service the following surrounding towns:

Dubbo, Narromine, Warren, Nevertire, Nyngan,  Trangie,  Wellington, Molong, Geurie, Wongarbon, Coonamble, Gilgandra, Gulargambone, Tooraweenah, Mendooran, Binnaway, Neilrex, Elong Elong, Dunedoo, Coolah,  Gulgong,  Tomingley and Peak Hill.

Call us on 02 6887 2825 to arrange a pest inspection or contact us to book our services.

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