Termite Prevention

Eradicating a termite infestation can be expensive and fixing termite damage costs thousands of dollars.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could avoid these costs?

Unfortunately in Australia it’s hard to be safe from termites. Two out of every three properties will suffer termites problems at some point.

It is always a lot cheaper to prevent an infestation of termites than to get rid of them…


Here are 3 of the easiest termite prevention methods.


#1. Look after your wood.


Termites love wood, especially when its not being cared for…

Remove termite temptation by removing all unnecessary wood and looking after the wooden parts of your home.

Don’t leave timber or fire wood lying in piles in your garden and be cautious of any second hand or re used timber.

Termites love wood when it’s warm and damp so where possible cover any wood left outdoors.

Even if you live in a modern house or unit you may still have a timber frame, flooring or fixtures and fittings. Keep a close eye on door frames, skirting boards and ceilings for termites damage.

If you own an older property make sure you are up to date with termite treatments and that any previous problem areas are monitored.

Remember that termites are a problem all over Australia. Termite prevention is something all home owners have to deal with.


#2. Look after your home.


Know the key signs of a termite infestation and keep an eye out for them in your home.

damaged house

Termites love neglected homes

Your basements and foundation areas are the main places termites gather to get inside. Check these areas regularly and make a note of any problems.

If you home is tidy and well maintained it is much easier to notice if something is wrong. The most obvious sign of termites are mud tunnels that appear on outdoor walls of concrete.

Avoid collecting junk in garages or basements especially if it’s likely to get damp. Termites love to be hidden away in your rubbish. Cardboard is a favourite termite snack so be careful if you have lots of boxes tucked away.

The most important thing to do is to keep everything clean. Clean your gutters of dead leaves, sweep around your door step and make sure there is no damp or dirty material anywhere to entice termites…


#3. Look after your garden.


Your garden is the gateway to your home. Make sure you are not making your property appealing to termites.

Remove any dead wood, tree stumps or dying trees as these are magnets for hungry termites. Don’t allow shrubs or beds to get overgrown and keep your lawn mowed. By keeping your garden in control you will limit the amount of hiding place for creepy crawlies.

Consider the amount of wood there is in your garden and where it is placed. Mulched areas look great but keep the damp wood chip away from your property.

Look after wooden outbuildings, decks and fencing. Make sure all outdoor wood is regularly treated and maintained.

Even in the winter months when you don’t really feel like going outside, it’s worth having a look every now and then for signs of termites in your garden.

Key Termite Prevention

The most important way to prevent a termite infestation is to always be on the look out for them. Termites are sneaky little critters and they’re very good at getting into places without you noticing.

Keep on the ball and don’t let the termites get one over on you when your back is turned…

What are your termite prevention tips? Let us know if you have any good ones in the comments below…