Top 10 Signs of a Termite Infestation

Termites are small insects that thrive in dark conditions and feed off timber. The critters colonise and cause damage to buildings, homes and other infrastructure. Early detection of a termite infestation is crucial to avoid expensive restoration costs.

We detail 10 tell-tale signs these unwanted guests are occupying your home.


termites shedding wings

White ant swarmers shedding wings

1. Termite Wings

Young female and male termites emerge from their nests to reproduce, shedding their wings in the process. Swarmers fly away to start new colonies, including in our homes, during the reproductive stages. They have white/translucent wings and can identify a termite infestation early if you find them indoors.





Termites can cause damage REAL quick…

2. Damaged Wood

Cracked wood or surface timber damage indicates a termite infestation. Unfortunately, cracks and fissures suggest a significant problem, so we recommend acting on this as soon as possible.





termite mud tubes

Fail to install baits correctly and you will end up with an infestation…


3. Mud Tunnels

Termites live underground, building tunnels to sources of food. These tunnels leave irregular patterns made from mud-like material in your home’s galleries. Although they are difficult to spot, you can find them in a broken piece of timber around the home.






Mud coverings from termites in a skirting board.

4. Mud Coverings

Mud coverings are like tunnels but cover a wider area. They are present among specific species of termites, like the Coptotermes curvignathus, when attacking their food (the wood).




cracked paint

Cracked Paint due to Termites

5. Bubbling Paint

Bubbling paint indicates a water problem, and termites produce moisture when tunnelling and eating. Look around for peeling paint on wood panels, which can be a sign of a termite infestation.






termite waste

Termites often leave waste near skirting boards

6. Wood-Coloured Droppings

Termites are living creatures which eat and defecate, and their droppings, known as frass, resemble wood-coloured pellets. If you find these droppings in your home or backyard, we recommend getting an expert opinion.





The signs of termites found after cutting down tree.

7. Hollow Timber

Since termites eat timber for breakfast, lunch and dinner, hollow wood beams and boards can indicate an infestation. Tap on the frame around your home and listen for a hollow sound – this suggests the insects have left a thin layer of timber or paint.






Termite Swarmer Wings on a windowsill

8. Hard to Open Windows

Similarly to the bubbling paint, moisture from termites can cause wood frames to expand. If you’re struggling to open a window in your home, termites may be the cause.






winter pest control

Dead wood is a magnet for pests so remove it from your garden a.s.a.p

9. Tree Infestations

If you find a termite infestation in trees surrounding your house, we recommend inspecting your home, keeping the above signs in mind. While it doesn’t mean your home is under attack, it is at risk and worth checking for a problem.





termite swarmers

Swarmers are a sign of a large infestation.

10. Termite Swarmers

The most obvious sign you have a termite infestation is the physical insects flying in or around your home. One or two may not guarantee a colony of termites eating away at your home’s infrastructure, but frequent sightings can call for a professional, especially since they rarely fly far from their nest.

These signs can indicate a termite infestation, and we recommend calling professionals in for a pest inspection. If you’re in Dubbo or the surrounding areas, give Dentec Pest Control, a family-owned business with more than 20-years of experience, a call on 02 6887 2825.