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We’ve all seen the tell-tale signs of spiders – webs that hide in corners and out of the way places in our homes. In some parts of the world, spiders are allowed to live freely inside as they do a great job of controlling other insects. But the truth is, that many of us don’t like spiders and will do everything we can to keep them out of our homes. So, what should you do when you start to see numerous spiders suggesting that you may have a spider nest lurking in your house?

Finding A Spider’s Nest: Where You Should Look

As you can imagine, spiders want to lay their eggs where they’ll be undisturbed so you’re more likely to find nests in dark, hidden areas where there isn’t much traffic. Some good places to start looking for a nest include:

  • Underneath and behind furniture
  • Underneath window ledges and kitchen counters
  • Inside cupboards and cabinets
  • Under bathroom fixtures
  • Cluttered areas such as spare rooms/attics or lofts that are filled with boxes.

Spiders love cluttered areas with lots of nooks and crannies, so ensuring that you keep storage areas neat and tidy will help to avoid nests.

What Does a Nest of Spiders Looks Like?

We all know what a spider’s web looks like and so this is what you should look out for when you’re searching for a nest. A spider’s nest will contain small whitish balls of spider silk which, depending on the type of spider, can vary in size, colour and texture. These are the egg sacs and you’ll usually find them suspended from the web.

What to Do If You Find a Nest

Don’t panic! There are several ways to deal with spider’s nests, both physical and chemical, that you can certainly do yourself.

The easiest way is to simply suck up the web and egg sacs with a vacuum – but be sure to empty the vacuum straight away and dispose of the contents outside. You could also use a good old-fashioned broom to remove the nests.

Commercial products are also available that claim to get rid of spiders, although their efficacy depends on the chemicals in the product. Liquid insecticides can be used to create a barrier around your home also, this is the most effective treatment.

Professional Help with Spider Nest Removal

We have many species of spiders in Australia, some of which are poisonous, so you may prefer to call in pest control specialists to handle your arachnid issues. If you suspect you have a spider nest, Dubbo based Dentec Pest Management’s spider exterminators are here to solve your spider problem and help you to keep your home spider free.

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