Does my home insurance cover termite damage?

Did you know the vast majority of Australian homes that get termites (that’s 2 out of every 3 homes…) don’t have cover for termite damage in their home insurance policy?…Termite damage is one of the biggest problems for Australian home-owners and yet most don’t think to check: Does my insurance cover termite damage?

The average termite infestation can cause around $7000 of damage! And that comes straight out of the pocket of home-owners. As so many Australian properties are affected by termites at some point, your home could be at risk…And it’s more than likely your home insurance hasn’t got it covered….

Check your home insurance policy!

Most standard home insurance policies do not cover termite damage. Even if your home insurance policy contains clauses for natural damage or acts or God termite damage probably won’t be there. The only way to ensure your home insurance covers termite damage is to find a specific policy that covers pest damages...

Does yours?

does insurance cover termite damage

It’s no joke! You really need to check your policies!

This can be difficult and expensive.

Whenever you add something to or change an insurance policy your payments are going to go up and you’re going to have to spend a lot more money…

Rather than relying on insurance companies to clean up the damage caused by termites you really need to protect your home from termites in the first place.

Remember the old saying ‘prevention is better than a cure’?

Prevention is always cheaper, easier and safer than waiting for a problem to arise and curing it.

You do not want to let termites into your home and you certainly don’t want to wait until the damage is bad enough to claim back repair costs from an insurance company.

To make sure your home is protected from termites you need to:

  • Be vigilant from day #1.

If you’re house-hunting check for termites at every property you look at and ask you real estate agent for pest control information.

When buying a property make sure you have professional pest control inspection carried out and never assume a property is termite free.

Every Australian property is at risk from termites. Whether it’s a an old wooden weatherboard or a steel framed city unit any property that has wood (which all homes will have somewhere) can get termites.

  • Plan and schedule professional pest control

Yearly termite treatments are the most effective way of preventing a termite infestation. Make sure you schedule professional pest control treatments and keep up with them.

For an affordable one off cost you can guarantee your home is protected and save yourself thousands in the long run.

  • Be aware of signs of termites

Learn about termites and their behaviours. Know the key signs of a termite infestation and check around your house every few months.

It’s much easier to protect your home with a bit of knowledge.

  • Take care of your property

The better the condition of your property the less likely you are to have a pest control problem.

Take care of your garden and make sure it isn’t attracting termites. Look after the woodwork and repair any damages promptly and properly.

And avoid piling junk or rubbish in garages or sheds. It’s not only termites that love a mess to nest in…

You could also be attracting snakes and spiders!

  • Keep up to date with pest control news

Check out local pest control sites regularly for updates on your area and talk to your neighbours.

Being aware of local problems or infestations will help you to protect your own home.


Most importantly don’t wait until you start to see termite damage.

Remember that by the time you see termite damage it is normally completely irreparable and your home could actually be unsafe to live in!


Does your home insurance cover termite damage? Let us know in the comments below…