Termite Control & Protection

How can I control termites and protect my home or business?

Besides a physical barrier, all termite solutions involve the use of chemicals that either kill or deter termites.

Termite Control

There is little more irritating or embarrassing than having a pest infestation, such as, a termite infestation in your home. No-one likes to invite guests into a property where there are unpleasant signs of bugs, reptiles or rodents. But, further on, pest infestation can undermine the safety of your home and end up costing a lot of money in repair or restoration. Read More

Are You in Need of A Termite Control?

We operate a well-established termite control service which we’re very happy to extend to you. Our company has been operating since 2002, founded by Nathan and Jaslyn Dennis who have a career spanning experience of termite control and have worked with an ever-expanding roster of clients. We offer both preventive and combative measures to deal with pest issues for both residential and commercial properties.

Post-construction Termite Protection

It’s always exciting when you move into a new property. But what happens when you find that it has not been left in the best of quality? Additionally, properties that have been left empty for a while can seem like an enticing option for creatures looking for somewhere dry and warm to reside. Whether you’ve only just moved in, or if your property has never had sufficient preventive measures installed, we’d urge you to get in touch for termite control. The natural world in our area of the world is rich and diverse but can encroach on our comfort if left unchecked. We’ll offer you reliable and careful termite protection or materials to ensure your home remains pest & termite-free, including:
  • Chemical Barriers
  • Exterra Baiting
We are always ready to take any query or question from you, and you’ll see a wealth of great advice available on our website. We’re also happy to undertake a thorough pest inspection of your property, whether you suspect an infestation, or you’d like to ensure your home is protected.

Pre-construction Termite Control

If you are in the process of constructing a new property, we offer fantastic pest control services to make your construction safe from pests. We’ll make a thorough inspection of the construction area and make a full twelve-page report of what pests may affect the property, preventive measures required and what kind of maintenance will be needed. Our technicians are professional, licensed and accredited pest controllers and system installers, and will tailor their service to your specific construction. Initial termite control treatments will last up to twelve months, and most importantly, we’re always keen to keep up to date on issues that may or may not be affecting your property. The treatments we generally include for pre-construction projects are:
  • Chemical barriers
  • Physical barriers
We also offer industry-wide knowledge of effective measures against:
  • Rodents
  • Termites
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Bedbugs

Looking for Termite Control Specialists? Contact Us Now

Whatever the property type you need looking at, whether it’s a new build, older building, garage, garden or shed, we are keen to talk with you today. We like to think our knowledge speaks for itself but if you are still not sure, just take a look at the kind and generous testimonials on our website. We’re pleased to have supported such a pleasant range of clients, and we’d love to count you amongst them. We’re happy to take any kind of query or question regardless of how significant or insignificant you feel the problem may be. We’re contactable through a direct message via our website, email, social media or by phone. Drop us a line today! Read Less

What are my termite control & protection options?

We recommend the use of the Exterra Baiting System wherever possible. The chemical used is only lethal to termites and works by slowly killing the termites. This means it will wipe out the entire colony, not just the termites in your building. Read more about the Exterra Baiting System Your second option is to use a chemical subfloor. The main advantage is quick removal of termites in the case of infestation. The chemicals need to be replenished every couple of years and while your home or business is protected, it’s unlikely to wipe out a termite colony.

What is the cost of termite control in your home?

Both solutions are similar in cost initially. Thereafter the Exterra Baiting System needs to be monitored, so there is a small charge for the monitoring, which is for routine inspections of the traps every 2 months. The chemical application lasts at least 10 years.  No monitoring takes place. The baiting system works out to be a more cost effective solution in termite prevention over time – plus you have regular inspections and it will wipe out a colony. The baiting system is higher in cost if termites are already present, however chemical subfloor treatments aren’t suitable for all property types. Dentec Pest Management advise you on the best solution for your property. We also guarantee to beat any other pest management company’s price for the same work – guaranteed!